Teen and His Dog Save Little Girl from Rabid Fox

“He’s always been a good dog, always been protective and loves kids. He just did what he would always do,” Ricky said.


Madison Hazen could have been very badly mauled after a rabid fox attacked her in her yard.  Thankfully, 13-year-old Ricky Howard and his dog Domino were near enough to stop the assault.

The five-year-old girl was playing in her Pennsylvania backyard earlier this month when a fox bolted over and lunged at her.

“I was down there, and the fox was coming around. It got my pant leg, and I had to run,” she explained to WPXI.

Ricky and Domino saw what happened and sprang into action.


4.23.15 - Teen and His Dog Save Girl from Rabid Fox2


“I kicked it, and he came out when it jumped here. I ran up and got a shovel and started beating on it,” Ricky said.

Domino rushed out of his cage and grabbed the fox.

“(The fox) came around again, and it bit the dog three times before it got me,” Madison said.

The girl ran to get her parents, who were grateful for their neighbors’ assistance.


4.23.15 - Teen and His Dog Save Girl from Rabid Fox1


“We’re thankful for a neighbor like Ricky and a dog like Domino,” said dad Jared Hazen.  “She probably wouldn’t still be here. She could have got[ten] mauled. We’re thankful, real thankful.”

A few days later the health department determined that the fox had rabies.  Ricky and Madison had to endure the painful series of rabies shots, and Domino had to be quarantined.  Ricky’s family was told the devastating news that their dog may have to be euthanized.

“He’s always been a good dog, always been protective and loves kids. He just did what he would always do,” Ricky said.

Domino has not been vaccinated against rabies in years, but fortunately, he is showing no signs of the disease.


55 thoughts on “Teen and His Dog Save Little Girl from Rabid Fox

  1. Nice story that they saved the little girl….not so nice that they didn’t take proper care of their dog by having him properly vaccinated.

      1. au contraire. I don’t know where you get your information but vaccinations are in fact given to prevent the disease if an animal is bitten by a rabid animal. There is no such thing as spontaneous development of rabies.

  2. I hope the dog still has enough immunity from his past vaccinations to not get sick and ultimately euthanized. He’s a hero and I hope the story ends well for all.

  3. Hoping for the ultimate outcome for their beloved Domino. It would be just a tragedy if he does not survive after the whole ordeal and saving the two kids.

  4. Well I’m glad the little girl is fine but to be honest shame on Domino’s owners for not taking care of him properly with getting him vaccinated.
    I sure hope he doesn’t have to be put down because of their improper care of him.

  5. I hope Domino does not need to be euthanized. Please vaccinate for rabies. It would be such a shame if that dog had to be put down after saving her life

  6. with all the progress in medicine, you would think by now they would have something to fight rabies. I feel bad for the boy who may lose his dog, but I am sure he would not have not anything different. He should be very proud of himself and his dog!

  7. The dog has to be quarantined, Patricia Cunningham because he was bit by the fox who tested positive for rabies. If the dog is determined to be infected with the rabies, he would have to be put to sleep.

  8. Yes why there is such thing as euthanasia,,,, dogs should not be put to sleep only bad person who do bad to animals

    1. Vaccines don’t protect them if they get bit…. only from developing it themselves…. sad… no cure….

  9. Good news, bad news. Glad the girl, boy and dog are alright. Moral of the story is get your dogs their rabies shots. Why wouldn’t you? Domino is a beautiful dog too.

  10. Why would the dog get rabbies? Wasn’t the dog vaccinated? My dogs are vaccinated with every possible vaccination. I would never take a chance.

    1. All doctors will tell you the same thing vaccinations only keep you from making the disease not catching it from some thing else. If you get bit by a rabid animal you will get rabies but there are shots for humans to fight the disease but not for a dog after it has been bitten.
      Domino did his job to protect a human child with his life and with all the devotion GOD asked of him. GOD will take care of his servant in this life and the next.

  11. If people that are bitten get shots to prevent the disease… why can’t animals be treated after being bitten? Just wondering

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