Dogs Hate Mondays Too

Humans are not the only ones that dislike Monday mornings.

Good morning! It is Monday and we all have to go back to work (Oh No!). Just as humans have a difficult time starting the work week after a fun relaxing weekend, so do our pets. Check out these lazy dogs.

13 thoughts on “Dogs Hate Mondays Too

    1. Agreed. WTF? Was the idiot recording to try to get footage of an accident? That is so sick. I saw a lot of other people just standing around, watching. At least the trolley operator had the decency to stop instead of mowing down the dog.

      1. To be honest, no one knew this dog or how it would react. They have to treat it like a wild animal, or else someone could get hurt.

  1. That Russian filming was disturbing. We don’t know if he was dazed from being poisoned, hit earlier and left to die or what the story was. Bad form on your part to post that.

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