Senior Dog Saves 89-Year-Old Woman

An 89-year-old woman told the dog who saved her: “You’re a good boy, Levi, thank you for saving my life.”

A 12-year-old Labrador named Levi from Morro Bay, Calif., is used to accompanying owner Gary Ream to his neighbor’s home to take care of the garden. The dog usually lies in the yard and takes in nature, but this past weekend, instead of relaxing on a patch of grass, Levi paced from the garage to the yard until he caught his owners’ attention.

The senior dog wanted Ream to know their 89-year-old neighbor was on the garage’s floor and needed help.



“I got up to get a glass of water, I stood up, and I was a little dizzy,” the senior citizen told KSBY News. “Before I knew it, I was on the floor and fell. I called [Lifeline] for two hours. I must have pushed that button more than 20 times,” but no one came to help. The woman hoped someone walking outside would hear her, but the only one who came to her rescue was Levi.

When Ream realized his dog wasn’t in his usual spot he started calling the dog’s name, and when he noticed the Levi pacing in and out of the garage, the man followed him.

“I went in with [Levi] and heard my neighbor in a very weak voice saying, β€˜Help me, help me,'” Ream said.

Fortunately, the elderly woman did not suffer major injuries from the fall, she was just very sore after spending hours lying on the floor.

“You’re a good boy, Levi, thank you for saving my life,” the woman told the dog.

56 thoughts on “Senior Dog Saves 89-Year-Old Woman

  1. I hope every person that dumps their senior animal in a shelter ends up in this situation…but nobody there to help them & die alone & wondering if they had kept their critter if he or she could have helped.

    (but fyi, the link didn’t work. 404 error)

    1. Maria, that is a really cruel thing to say. Yes, it is wrong to take animals to a shelter just because they get old, but it is more wrong to wish someone to die.

      1. Karen,
        You are wrong! These sr animal have given a like time of loyalty – love
        and care to their owners. They don’t deserve to be abandoned and
        cast away like that!

      2. Karen, I see older cats and dogs regularly at the shelter when I volunteer and their excuses are pathetic! “my 8 yr old dog doesn’t want to play as much as she used to”….the lady didn’t die and where was Lifeline?!

    1. I hope she immediately cancelled her Lifeline account and got one with some place that will actually answer & help her. Scary that something people depend on literally for their life is useless. Which is why I always have my cell phone on me even at home. Just in case.

  2. You read every day of some fool bringing his elderly dog to a animal shelter and leaving the “pet” because “it’s too old”! Too bad the reverse couldn’t happen, with the pet bringing the human to a nursing home because the owner was no longer showing affection and attention to the animal.

  3. I’ve always said: Dogs are way smarter than people realize. That old ‘you are the food pourer, so I fake liking you’ theory that has been going around was de-bunked by this story…obviously that elderly woman isn’t his ‘food pourer’ so why would he ‘help’ her? He’d do it because he is intelligent enough to know something was wrong, and the HE couldn’t do anything to help, so he got someone’s attention who could help. SMART DOG! πŸ˜‰

  4. Wow, what a story! What a smart and sweet dog! I love senior dogs – like my own! Glad the lady will be OK.

  5. What a smart dog! I wish people would stop surrendering their senior dogs at shelter…they are still your family member and deserve to be loved, until they take their final breath!

  6. Well, I guess when I am in the need for something like that, “Lifeline” won’t be the company I choose. That poor woman .. Levi is a good boy.

  7. Has this button been confirmed as actual Lifeline? The term is often used generically for an alert button like we say Kleebex for tissues. I have had a Lifeline button for my Mom for years without a problem.

  8. my friend had a dog who started barking to alert them in the house their elderly neighbor across the street had fallen in her driveway

  9. What is left to say, dogs are wonderful and deserve to be treated in the best way possible. They are not objects but living beings and better than a lot of people. Unconditional love

  10. It’s a good thing that the dog was around!!! Lifeline was no help!!! I wonder what they have to say!

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