Chinese Dog Killers Beaten by Villagers for NINE Hours

These villagers have no mercy for people who steal and kill their dogs.

6.5.15 - Thieves Beaten for Nine Hours0


Two men who were caught stealing and killing the dogs in one Chinese village received a punishment they will likely never forget when the villagers sought vengeance and beat them for nine straight hours before tying the dogs’ bodies to them.

The brouhaha began around 7 am on Tuesday in Shaping village, Yizhang County, Hunan Province when a pair of thieves were caught in the act of hauling away dogs they killed for meat.


Two Thieves Tortured By Angry Villagers


A horde of enraged villagers besieged them and began a brutal, nine-hour assault on the men.  The mass of people then tied the two dead dogs butt-up around the thieves’ necks.


Two Thieves Tortured By Angry Villagers


Police arrived on the scene at 4 pm to find people still attacking the men.  They attempted to take the suspects to the station, but were abruptly stopped by villagers demanding 1 million Yuan ($160,000) in compensation or they would not release the men.

When their demand was not satisfied, the villagers attacked the police with metal rods and smashed the windshield on their car.  They rolled rocks into the road and some even lay down under the police car to prevent the thieves from getting away.


Two Thieves Tortured By Angry Villagers


The police tried to convince them that mob justice was not the solution, but to no avail.  It wasn’t until officials from Yizhang County and the Public Security Bureau arrived that the restless crowd began to calm down.

Several of the villagers were accused to illegal imprisonment, assault, and obstructing police business.  The two thieves are now in police custody and being investigated.





95 thoughts on “Chinese Dog Killers Beaten by Villagers for NINE Hours

  1. Seems the villagers were worse than the dog killers, at least the dogs were not tortured. Man’s inhumanity toward man is far worse than toward animals.

      1. You got anger issues. Mistreating animals means you deserve to be tortured, really.. Presumably, this goes for other crimes. So we end up in a society like the one being created by iSIS. You support them too.

        All you people who think they got what they deserve, you support other forms of retribution. Cutting off the hands of thieves for instance, murderers, child molesters. Where do we stop.

          1. Blow tourch? Nah that’s too quick. Start off with a bolt cutter and a razor… Then a torch

        1. shutup,theyshouldhavegottenworse.youareanidiot.dogshavefeelings,theyfeelpainsoyouneedalessoninhowtotreatanimals,thoseguysshshouldbethrowninapitofgasoline.peoplelikelikeyouaretheproblem

        2. Save your rosy world crap. Times are changing people are getting sick of seeing people that do harm to others get away with minor punishment by the court system in any country. Better laws are slowing being passed but people cant be charged until after the deed is done. Its time to put fear in those who think about doing such acts before they do them. Sever punishment to those who do wrong now will make people think twice about doing any wrong to others. We will never be able to stop all wrong doing but if we can save some it will be worth it.

    1. Whilst I agree that you shouldn’t sink to their level, they deserved every bit of it and given my experience of our justice system and how corrupt and backwards it has become, I would have probably delivered punishment myself too. Power to the people, at least they aren’t murdering mass innocents or destroying areas of historical interest or fracking around our beautiful lands and really doing harm,

      1. When the people revolt maybe the government will listen and laws will change. Hopefully this made an impact and they scared the crap out of these thugs!
        Totally support this if that’s what needs to be done to stop the killing. Sometimes I really don’t want to be in this world.

        1. Love it—sorry, but if this were one of my dogs, I would want to do the same. Nice to know that some people in China have respect for dogs.

    2. Karma, but it should have been more. These losers didn’t suffer the same outcome as those beautiful dogs.


      1. Every thing you said i agree with, poor dogs and cats ever seen the way they kill those poor animals? Sorry ass bastards, makes you not like any of those people!

    4. You fucking idiot. Maybe those villagers should put a beating onto you as well. God only knows I would!!

    5. WHAT? The thieves stole loved family pets to kill and sell for the meat. They deserve all that the distraught owners could dish out. If this involved the media stealing children, would they beating be ok for that crime??

    6. They were lenient. I would have beaten them beyond recognition. And to the moron who thinks the villagers were in the wrong, please everyone a favor and never own a dog. And please, please stay single. Better yet, don’t ever have kids, or they could turn out to be an idiot just like you.

    7. Go ahead and search Yulin dog meat festival torture and tell me these shitty humans didn’t deserve a beating.

    8. While I obviously believe that the thieves deserve punishment, I agree that the villagers were in the wrong also. Two wrongs do not make a right and the acts of the villagers far outweigh the acts of the thieves. Anyone who believes that the villagers did nothing wrong is missing the part of their brain that supplies logic.

    9. Who do you think you are Jeffery??!?? Humans are no more superior then animals; just because we are bigger than then and can speak doesn’t make you anymore worthy. You are just low as those sick evil people who killed those beautiful animals.

    10. Jeffrey,
      You are in the WRONG place to make ignorant, backwoods comments like that son. Better move on or go back to whatever ass backwards upbringing you came from.

    11. Dumbass it’s proven the dogs we’re tortured and beaten on the believe the ear tastes better that who is the savage then? Fucking idiot

    12. I think the villagers should have done exactly what they did. Defenceless animals verses humans. No competition there. These people are a total waste of space. Rather share my time with the animals anyday!!!!

      1. Hey, WTF Steve!!?? Leave queers out of this, Jeffery is a fucking idiot, and you are a fucking moron. God, does it ever end?

    13. Shut up you complete moron and useless human garbage. You make me sick and I wish they had beaten the hell out of you .

    14. “Jeffery” – For your uninformed information, TORTURE is exactly what happens when they kill these dogs. These “dog meat traders,” feel that the dog meat tastes better if the dog is tortured before it is killed. In my personal opinion, these bastards got off lightly. I would not have been so nice… Please become more informed about the dog meat trade. It is an extremely sore subject for a lot of people and remarks like yours are very inflammatory for their very ignorance.

    15. Jeffrey, you are an ABSOLUTE IDIOT!!!! The dog killers deserved every bit of that beating. Too bad the villagers did not finish off those morons. People who mistreat animals are scum!!!

    16. You all take it easy. Dogs have no souls but that being said they should not be abused and the men should not be abused either. Torture is torture. Think of all the animals that are worshiped in India. Maybe they will torture one of you if kill one of their RAT gods. Torture is torture regardless it is on a fellow man or creature.

    17. I would of been worse. Hurt my dog I beat his face in. I’m a girl and he would never forget the besting I would give him.. I love the villagers they are tired of their dogs being stolen and killed by these POS’s What does dog spell backwards. Is the answer who will truly punish the killer of these dogs

    18. We’re you there, 2 witness the suffering of millions of others, they & others have done 2 these + dogs IDiOt??? Duuuh, what you say now???humans have more than there share of protectors!

    19. You even know how these animals kill dogs, it’s cruel to the extreme. They don’t even got what they deserves.

    20. Jeffrey you have it all wrong. Those dogs lost their lives. They had no right to kill them. They are bad men and deserved all they got and more

    21. I would have killed them had that been my dog. My pets are worth more to me than any stupid human.

  2. Got what they went looking for .they should have been beaten worse as it looks like they are still alive…any one thinking the villagers were worse is insane .The dogs were murdered ,the villagers were not ??

  3. I do condone this sort of justice. I wouldn’t have beaten them though. Anybody who kills my dog and I catch them, no beating, just slow painful death with a pair of pliers and a blowtorch

      1. And now, you need to be beaten yourself you moron!! If you can kill a dog, you’re subhuman and don’t deserve the same laws as normal humans. I say beat them, beat them and then put them in prison for a good 10 years. But BEAT them first.

  4. Damn I had to put my Pit down couple weeks ago and that shit is heartbreaking and seeing these motherfuckers kill dogs like nothing…..ohhh best believe they wouldn’t have couple bruises and scuffs on there piece of shit faces….

  5. Those dog killers deserved every minute of torture, I would have probably done worse. My dogs are my babies, my life. Well done villagers!

  6. I agree 100% they deserved that . Dogs in this century are our babies . Don’t fuck with them. How would you feel if someone came into your neighborhood and stole your baby and started butchering it for meat ? It’s the same exact concept, those morons deserve more than nine hours of beating

  7. Go villagers!!!! Hopefully, other Chinese folks in other places will do the same. The creatures that grab the dogs and torture and skin them are the dregs of the earth.

  8. Glad they got punished. But keep in mind the villagers who beat them only did so because THEY wanted to kill and eat the dogs. Chinese are terrible animal abusers.

  9. You two commenting above are ridiculous. It’s funny how people get excited hiding behind technology. Do yourself a favour and go do something that helps the world. Talk is cheap

  10. This should be the response to this issue every time people see this kind of horrific injustice, maybe after enough of them experience what they put their victims through it may at least slow or stop the issue.

  11. The thugs got what they deserved. These dogs were not there’s to kill and were someone else property. If they killed my dog I would have done a lot worse then that. My dogs are like family and have much more value to me then these thugs.

  12. Beaten for 9 hours???? Damn! I’d be willing to bet these idiots won’t be stealing or killing any more dogs. LMAO

  13. China has a very serious problem with people who steal dogs to sell them as meat; one which the government is not rushing to address. As someone who has lived with and owned dogs my entire life (and been saved by my dog when I was a child), I see no difference between them and my children. My dogs defend us, and we defend them. If someone tried to kidnap, or worse yet kill and kidnap, my children or my dogs, I would beat them to death on the spot without a second thought.

    1. Earwickiekie, You must like doggy style to kill a person over a someone else’s stupidity. The Bubba’s in jail will all call you back door dawgie. Idiot!

    2. Earwickiekie, You must like doggy style to kill a person over a someone else’s stupidity. The Bubba’s in jail will all call you back door dawgie. Idiot!

  14. What’s up with all of the hate? I love dogs and I hate to see them to be tortured, it’s the worst thing imaginable. But if you torture a human then you’re no better then the men who killed those dogs. Those men who beat the dogs were terrible and deserve no respect, but no one should ever be tortured.

  15. Oh My God!!!!! Such a good news. These evils deserve to death. I am very thank full to the people who teach them lesson. They are pure monster. torture, skinned them alive .

    1. No ma’am no sir .. They run rods up there as while there tied down and tortured until that just give up and die. Boiled alive puppies trin to climb off a hot bar b q Pitt and just pushed back on 20 lb dog pullin man in cart and his whatever and dogs back poorin blood from being whipped because not strong enough to pull…. And on and on and on .. So peoples hearts get cold and black . Heaven and he’ll is my friend.. Burn in he’ll is real. For eternity .. You say people think more of dogs than human life.. Well god made our hearts compassion kind loving.. Generous I no we arnt suppose to be ugly.. But we tell and tell ya and you turn your selfish greedy heads and ignore it.. I wish no bad upon no one .. But maybe just maybe when your old and can’t do for your self you will understand then .. Every body makes there own karma .. The bible does not say torture boil animals and so on . So be careful of your tongue it’s power ful.. Thank god thank god for these loving people who cares enough about these precious animals.. To stand up and put there lives on the line for are precious animals.. And you no what all you none animal lovers.. It’s not just a dog with us animal activist . It’s anything with life breath heart that we seek to help.. I wish I could be right there with them…

  16. I pray to god take there pain lord . Spare . You created these precious animals. There your sheep lord . I rebuke all animal abuse across the world two in agreement it shall be done. That’s his word for the bible tells me so in Jesus name amen

  17. After 9 hours they don’t seem that badly beaten. I suspect the villagers’ desire to keep punishing the dog killers was due to their fear (and rightly so) that they wouldn’t be given sufficient punishment.

  18. “Made in china”
    Time to stop importing factories here..
    Donald trump made a great point about this.
    After all who wants to deal with people like this?
    They certainly don’t deserve their riches.

  19. The chinese that are killing these poor dogs, do in fact torture them prior to their death. Skinning the dogs alive, blow torching them while alive, and boiling them alive is an evil sick cruelty beyond words. The fact that these insane humans can kill these poor (previous pets, that had known love and trusted humans), and not feel remorse, proves the chinese that do this or take part in it, are barbaric thinking, uneducated monstors without souls. Therefore, they derserve the same fate, but no one would want to eat them…
    The government should at the least have a law that if they have to eat them, they should kill them quickly by euthanizing. (unfortunately they wouldn’t do that because it’s too simple and possibly too expensive). Disgusting people. Disgusting country. It’s mostly the governments fault as they do allow it. That’s what all these videos show. They know it’s going on and probably get a financial kick-back from the slaughter of the animals.

  20. The only decent article I’ve seen in a while. Would have made my day to see it say they all blow torched the thieves very slowly to death for 9 hours…

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