Dogs Take Over Humans’ Beds

There is nothing wrong with letting your dogs sleep on your bed, the problem is when they claim it as their own.

Have you ever come home, tired from a long day at work, longing to crawl into bed only to find your four-legged furry friend has beat you to it? Does your dog make space for you on the bed or does your pet claim the bed as his or her own?

The following ten images show dogs sleeping very comfortable on their humans’ beds. We doubt they’ll move over for their masters.











86 thoughts on “Dogs Take Over Humans’ Beds

  1. My dogs make themselves comfy and then I have try and fit into whatever space is left….sigh…lol and my 3rd dog has completely taken over the spare bedroom. He literally has his own bedroom! Lol

  2. That is pretty much the way it is at our house. Red Neck saying: “you might be a red neck if you have to move a dog or dogs to make up the bed”. Guess I’ m officially a red neck! LOL

  3. Yep i quite agree with that my babies sleep with me top to bottom and behind me all i get is on my right side of the bed, i can’t sleep if they are not there with me. love my babies

  4. I think it’s disgusting to let a dog sleep with you in your bed. I have a 11 year old Pug (had him since he was 6 weeks old) and I established when he was a pup not to jump on my couch or bed for that matter.

    1. You are missing an awful lot. It is not disgusting to let your dog(s) sleep on your bed with you.

  5. My dog get on my bed before I do. She sleep for a while on it. and when she believe I am sleep then she goes to her bed.
    If humans were as kinds as dogs are, there won’t be war of jails in the world

  6. To be honest my wife and I are disabled and unable to sleep in our king size bed. So, who sleeps in it? Why our Sheltie/Besenji mix dog, of course. So here is a small dog, about 1 foot high at the shoulder, sleeping on a king size bed! That is too funny. He was a rescue dog, and I couldn’t love him more!

  7. 5 dogs, 2 kittys. one big happy family, it’s great, plus, I never get cold. wouldn’t trade it for anything…

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  12. i have 6 doges , 6 cats inside and 2 corn snakes on a cedar chest in my bedroom that their nite time light is my nightlight LOL
    3 -4 dogs sleep with me at any given time, and I AM the alpha. They flock around me as MY pack, scoot when I say GO and I wouldn’t have it any other way! Don’t need an alarm system with them(have one for fire emergencies though) , they are great doorbells too!

  13. My dogs have always slept on my bed. Since my lovely wife died a few years ago they are the only reason why I have kept the will to live (I have had many invasive surgeries and the last one I had nearly put an end to me, I lost 84 pounds and was in the hospital for over three months but during those difficult times I continually thought of my two girls and the over powering love we have with one another. The doctors wanted me to go to rehab to learn to walk again. My love for my two dogs inspired me to grab the back of a wheelchair and force myself to walk. After a few weeks of this I was able to walk again. What a homecoming I received. My little mix dog Smokie was leaping in the air and my yellow Lab, Beauty, walked up to me and kept licking my head and face. They are spoiled and yes, they sleep on my bed. Smokie sleeps under the covers and during the winter, I use her as a portable heater. Will Rogers said, “If there are no dogs in heaven then I want to go where the dogs are. My thoughts exactly. All animals give unconditional love.

  14. Both of mine go where they want when they want. I have pet stairs to the bed and sofa for my fur balls. Wouldn’t live any other way.

  15. No matter where I go, my Shih Tzu is with me. He is my ESP (Emotional Support Pet) and I cannot imagine life without him. I made arrangements for him to go live with my sister if something should happen to me. There are papers in my apartment, with my landlady, my instructions of these instructions and this knowledge with my neighbors and I carry instructions in my wallet for that ‘just in case’ so that he is cared for. At night sometimes I have to ask ‘do you mind giving me some room’ to sleep in my own bed. I believe all of these stories as mine is so similar.I will always have a beloved four-legged partner. Over a year ago I discovered a neighbor who had jumped to his death the night before. My pup was stuck to me like glue as this is his job and I am his life and love. Bless these members of our families!

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