Happy Dog Smiles for the Camera

She isn’t baring her teeth – this is definitely a smile!

Collies and Shelties are smart – they can learn just about any trick you teach them.  They’re also very perceptive, and have a knack for picking up on things.  See how well this dog knows how to smile for the camera!



Well, he DID say to smile. 😀

Posted by ViralNova on Saturday, March 14, 2015





13 thoughts on “Happy Dog Smiles for the Camera

  1. I’ve got a smooth collie mix (the brindle with the goofy ear), she’s smart as a whip but oh my god stubborn. She’s 6 months and a moose 🙂 she’s been a balm for my heart after losing my old Shepard this may. She’s got his eyes, sweet soulful eyes ♡

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