Hero Woman To Pay Fees for Saving Dog on Train Tracks

Animal lovers are criticizing the metro line for penalizing the hero woman for doing what they were afraid to do – risk their lives for the live of a dog.

In Lima, Peru, a young woman became a dog’s hero after she jumped into the train tracks to save the pet from getting run over by a train. However, her heroic actions will now be penalized and the woman will have to pay fees for breaking the law.


According to local reports, the dog entered the train station with his owner even though the pet was not a service dog. The companion pet accidentally fell over the edge and landed in the tracks, and because of the height of the train’s platform, the dog was unable to jump out on his own.

In a video posted on YouTube by user Ray Ramos, we can see how train security responded to the incident. The video shows a guard using a two-way radio to communicate with other train employees to secure the area. We also hear an announcement in Spanish asking commuters to not attempt a rescue and let train personnel take control of the situation. There are visible signs on the platform informing people that anyone who jumps over the tracks will be penalized, but even though steps are being taken by authorized personnel, commuters grow impatient and take matters into their own hands.

The dog’s owner, a woman dressed in red, can be seen calling her dog and trying to catch him while the pet attempts to jump out of the tracks, but a security guard asks her to step away from the edge.

A young woman on the other side of the tracks is concerned about the dog’s life. No one knows for sure if incoming trains have been stopped and all commuters fear the dog will soon die. We can hear the young woman ask if the tracks are electrified and after someone says no, she jumps in, secures the pet and lifts him out of the tracks and into safety. The woman is then helped out of the tracks by the security guard.


Everyone is relieved the pet and the heroic woman were not harmed. Many say the woman was very courageous and her actions were what saved the pet. However, the metro line is penalizing the young hero for violating the law.

The metro line says that for the safety of everyone, the woman and all other commuters had to step back and allow authorized personnel to secure the train line first and then they would attempt a rescue. However, witnesses say train authorities did not respond on time and that’s why they stepped in.

Local animal lovers are now criticizing the metro line and the legal systems for penalizing the heroic woman for doing what they were afraid to do – risk their lives for the live of a dog.

248 thoughts on “Hero Woman To Pay Fees for Saving Dog on Train Tracks

  1. This world can’t afford to lose good-hearted people who perform acts of kindness and humanity. Please tell us how we can pay this ridiculous penalty fee for her.

  2. At least she didn’t just took a video, which m0st people w0uld do at this time, to be p0sted on facebo0k. She is c0urageous and brave en0ugh to rescue that d0g. Such a w0man of great instinct! Hats off to y0u, lady!

  3. Would it have been asking too much for one of those very “official” train employees to take the less than ten seconds to jump down and pick up the dog that it took for the heroic young woman who finally decided to do it? I think not…

  4. She did the right thing… Exactly what that guard should have done in the first place! They wasted more time just staring and deciding what to do than the length of time it took this heroic woman to just take the dog!

  5. Some people are so inconsiderate. Dogs have feelings too! Damnit. She’s the type of people you need to believe in humanity again. Need more humans like that hero.

  6. That’s bureaucracy at its worst. .
    What should they have done – watched as it got slaughtered???
    FFS use some logic. ..nothing ever is pure black and white.

  7. All those big young men could of saved twenty dogs in the time they waited, good on her, trust a woman to fix the situation that men stared at for ages and did nothing.

  8. It’s a shame it didn’t happen In N.B. Canada there is absolutly no laws anymore you can steal commit fraud even kill somebody and no one will even care

  9. such fucking bullshit!!!!! there is something very wrong with the world when we start punishing people for doing the right and humane thing!!!

  10. Can’t believe everyone standing there doing nothing,they could at least throw her a mans belt to use as a lead or anything to put round his neck,just to get him off the track,and I think it’s disgusting she was fined for saving that dogs life

  11. That would of Been me, I don’t anyone could of just stood there without doing something. With all them so called men standing around doing nothing it took the courage of this woman to save a life. She should awarded not penalized. What’s wrong with this world ;( she is a true hero, god bless her !!

  12. What is our world coming to? We were taught to be kind to animals and people, yet when we help, we get punished! God bless her, I don’t care what they say, you did a great thing!

  13. I can understand the railway company, that they want to handle the situation themselves and not have just anybody jump down on the tracks. But still it feels unfair that the brave woman should have to pay the fine herself.
    Could someone who is in the know tell us how much she will be fined? We could chip in and cover the cost for her.
    I would have done the same, what she did.

  14. Thank God for that wonderful woman being so brave. And the train station can pay her fine with theirs for letting a non-service animal into the station and putting everyone at risk.

  15. you don’t mess with trains… they were probably trying to get the train to slow earlier so it could stop farther back. trains need time to stop. the train workers didn’t want any people to die. yes sad for the dog if the train couldn’t stop but what about the family if the woman? my dad worked with trains… he has seen people run over by them . he doesn’t like to talk about it but I know he is traumatized from seeing the bodies. that’s not fair either. there was more at play here. try not to judge so harshly

  16. I wouldn’t have waited for someone else to do it, I would have been the first one done there myself especially if it was my four legged fur baby. I probably would have accidentally, on-purpose knocked down the security person walking in front of me while I would be jumping. Timing is everything! LMOL!

  17. She should get an accommodation! an award for compassion and humanity for rescuing a helpless animal that could not help its self. We have lost that jumping into action immediately when everything in our body is saying help this animal. But instead the mind is being controlled by things they will teach you for humane!

  18. Disgusted that if that were a person, train personnel would have wasted no time jumping down there to quickly get the person out. Even more disgusted that this is how people who do the right thing are treated. Glad she did what she did. I would have done the same. The train personnel should lose his job for lack of intelligence alone and I’d say shame on the dog’s human for not jumping in right after the dog when he first fell in but who knows if she was physically able to so I’ll refrain from judging.

  19. Smh. Our societies backwards way of thinking always amazes me! I’d pay the ridiculous fess and smile, gladly. This a clear heart & soul.
    Share this story. This is exactly why people do not get involved Bc our society makes it hurt them for doing so!!

  20. bloody typical. What the hell’s the matter with people. She ought to take the money and shove it up where the sun don’t shine

  21. This woman should be praised for doing the right thing. The people that should have stepped up were not doing what should have been done.

  22. I’m surprised the owner didn’t go in after it straightaway! I certainly wouldn’t leave it 10 minutes for someone else to save it.

  23. It amazes me as to what bastards are out there. This woman deserves a metal and a great big THANK YOU for being brave enough to do the job those cowards were afraid to do. Lets put the cowards on the tracks with legs and hands tied to see if they could get off without help and to feel the fear.

  24. Thats what you get for helping an animal. She more than likely saved more lives getting that dog off the track. Disgusting if they fine her.

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