Police Officers Surprise Elderly Woman With Rescue Dog

Cleveland police officers surprised 80-year-old woman with a playful rescue dog.

Gene Coleman, an 80-year-old woman from Cleveland, Ohio, was devastated after someone killed her dog. Area police are investigating and have yet to solve the case. Meanwhile the officers wanted to uplift Coleman’s spirit and decided to surprise her with a new rescue dog.

Photo Credit: Scott Taylor - Twitter/‏@ScottTaylor19
Photo Credit: Scott Taylor – Twitter/‏@ScottTaylor19

Rocky the playful terrier showed up at Coleman’s doorstep accompanied by more than 10 police officers. After Coleman’s dog was brutally attacked and killed, the officers wanted to do something nice for the senior woman. They visited the Cleveland Animal Protective League (APL) and adopted the small breed pet.

The adoption cost, as well as microchip, food, bedding and toys were paid for by the fellow officers.

Coleman said the officers did not have to replace her pet but she is more than glad to have a new four-legged companion.

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