Woman Rescues 100 Dogs Away From Dog Meat Festival

Retired Chinese school teacher adopts 100 dogs to rescue them from becoming food during Yulin Dog Meat Festival.

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A woman from China decided to adopt 100 dogs during the Chinese Dog Meat Festival in an effort to save them from being eaten.  Animal advocate Yang Xiaoyun crossed over 1,000 miles away from her home just to do it.  She wants to call attention that not all Chinese people are in favor of the act, and they want it to stop.

She spent a reported $1,100 United States Dollars to obtain them, all to keep them off of someone’s plate.  She plans on bringing the dogs back to her hometown of Tianjin, and plans to care for them all at the sanctuary she runs.

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Yang started out Tianjin Stray Animal Rescue Shelter in 1995.  Her husband passed away, and found that caring from animals was an excellent way to fill the void in her life.  She retired from her teaching job, and now has somewhere around 1,500 dogs, and 200 cats!  Yes, you are reading that right; 1,500 dogs and 200 cats!

Recently, the public has been more and more against the Yulin Dog Meat Festival.  Not just outside of China, but not Chinese citizens are starting to take a stand against the practice.  With the proliferation of social media throughout the world now, more people from outside of the province are coming in to protest.  With help from animal activist, animal rights groups and celebrities, it may come to pass that the Dog Meat Festival finally comes to an end.

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31 thoughts on “Woman Rescues 100 Dogs Away From Dog Meat Festival

  1. You are an inspiration and an angel to these unfortunate animals. Thank you for helping them!

  2. What an absolute Hero rescuing these dogs, how do we go about raising funds for the sanctuary please??

  3. This is inhumane how can anyone in this day and age let people get away with this poor animals its just not right and they call this a festival they are sick bastards it makes me so cross I am actually in tears here are they bloody stealing them its just not right

  4. Only an evil person with no heart could treat dogs in such a bad way cruel people! dogs are not food! Well done to that lady for saving some off the dogs she is an angel

  5. Yang, you are truly an angel; if I ever come into money, I will donate a ton of it to your sanctuary.


  7. Stop the dog meat festival! Dogs are living creatures and are much clever than you can understand! Shame on YOU!

  8. If we all gave a couple dollars these dogs could be neutered spayed, and placed. Or transfered to the european nations or America and Canada. We should all help this wonan take on her challenge. Bless hre!! 🙂

  9. The lady who save all of them dogs from being meat, has a heart of pure gold, i saw a shar-pei in the 100 she saved thank you dear lady if ever i have money i could give it will be sent to her, it kills me that i am powerless to help, thanks to all the kind people of China for trying to help the poor souls, this is just abuses to poor defenseless dogs, it has to stop.

  10. We must unite in our efforts to help end this torture! This woman is a saint. Please where can we donate?

  11. How can I donate? Thank you for saving the animals and all of your efforts to do this and care for them.

  12. International animal rescue foundation world action South Africa has posted on Facebook the links to donating to help this woman. Please help her!

  13. Hi all, maybe I didn’t see the full story….but I don’t understand the tragedy of the festival. I am absolutely a fan of dogs as pets, but I also realize that some people have pigs and cows as pets. The fact that some people have these animals as pets doesn’t prevent others from eating hamburgers and bacon. I do believe that we should be respectful, and humane when slaughtering an animal for consumption, but I don’t understand why eating one animal is better or worse than eating another. I just had a grilled chicken salad for lunch and I am appreciative of the life that was given so that I might live.

    -Jesus Peace-

  14. would like to know where I can send a secure donation to help this wonderful Human being ( Lady ) !!!

  15. I would like for Ron -Jesus Peace- to realize what an idiot he must be..And I hope he does not have a dog cause I would feel so sorry for it… knowing he puts his dog in the same catagory as cows and pigs…. Dogs were meant to be pets NOT food… Of-course some people have had some cows and pigs and chickens for pets cause they get attached to them.. Could you imagine what it would be like if there was as many pet cows pigs and chickens as there are dogs… NO NO NO this is not normal and it is CRUEL and should be stopped… It shouldn’t be done to cats either..
    I hate to think of what would happen to those 1,500 dogs should anything happen to this kind lady.. There aren’t many that would do what she is doing.. BLess her…

  16. Hi Karen,

    I find it quite interesting that you are so respectful of an animal, however you are so disrespectful to your fellow man based upon a difference in opinion “realize what an idiot he must be.” Really? Do you realize that in India cows are considered holy, sacred animals, which is where the term “holy cow” comes from. A devout Hindu would therefore never eat beef. It would be unthinkable, based upon their societal norm. That doesn’t prevent us here in America from consuming billons of hamburgers, and slaughtering over 30 Thousand Cows in 2014.

    The point I’m making is that what is considered normal dietary practices to one group of people is not necessarily normal to another group. Especially when that group exist over 6000 miles away. As I said before I couldn’t find the full story, however I’m pretty sure that this dog meat festival wasn’t going on in Indiana, or Georgia, but in Asia, a place where eating dogs is the “norm”.

    In cordial disagreement
    -Jesus Peace-

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