19-Year-Old Rescue Dog Beats All Odds to Survive

“We would love to know where she came from. She is certainly a very friendly, lovely dog. Someone must have loved her.”

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A 19-year-old dog named Kia is jokingly being called “immortal” after surviving life on the streets and a number of ailments.  She has now been taken into a home where she will happily and comfortably live out the rest of her days.

The Jack Russell-Collie mix was found ambling down a street in Loughborough, a small town in England.  The dog warden found her and took her to the kennels.

Kia had a microchip and had been registered back in 1996, so she is at very least 19.  When the warden went to the listed address, the house was no longer standing.

Shane Duffin, a co-founder of One Paw at a Time Dog Rescue, was visiting the kennels and heard about Kia.  He made sure she wasn’t going to spend the rest of her life behind bars.


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“We have never really heard of a house not being there before, but we have never had a dog that was registered in 1996,” he told the Leicester Mercury.  “She is 19 going on 20; that is the youngest she can be.

“I am surprised she has lasted that long.  She has a lot of energy for a 19-year-old dog. A lot of people are surprised at how mobile she is.”

Both Collies and Jack Russells have life expectancies of around 13 – 16 years, so perhaps Kia’s long life is partly due to her being a mutt.

When she was found, she was underweight, battling an ear infection, and suffering a few other maladies.  But she went to a vet and is receiving excellent care.


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“She is literally going from strength to strength. Nobody can believe she is 19. My vet thinks she is immortal,” said Kia’s foster mom, who asked to remain anonymous. “She said she is the oldest dog she has ever seen. She is in brilliant condition.”

Kia was sickly and fragile when she first arrived in her new home, but is now on the mend.

“She is definitely the oldest dog we have ever had.  She seemed blind when she got here but she seems better now.  We have taken her on to give her a retirement home, but she might just outlive us all!”

How Kia managed to live so long, or what kind of life she has known is a complete mystery.


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“We just don’t know what has happened to her. She must have had a good home, or been though a few homes. She is a good dog,” her mom mused.  “We would love to know where she came from. She is certainly a very friendly, lovely dog. Someone must have loved her.”

Foster mom noted that a company called Nutriment Raw found out about Kia’s story and have offered to provide free food for her for the rest of the year.  She has already started on her new food, and her health appears to be improving – her joints are more flexible, she is more energetic, and her coat is shinier.

In addition, US-based Muffin’s Halo for Blind Dogs has donated a halo.  Though Kia isn’t completely blind, her sight is impaired.  Now she will have all the love and all the supplies needed for her to completely enjoy the rest of her life.

To see more of Kia, or to adopt an equally awesome dog in the Nottingham area, many of whom have been saved from Romania, please click here to join their Facebook group, and click here to like their Facebook page.


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  1. Maybe the registration is wrong maybe it’s a typo she doesn’t look 19 and she still has her teeth…anyway she looks like a sweet baby

  2. Blessings to those who took care of this sweet lil lady.. She’s such a cute little thing 🙂

  3. Wow…I wish my loving babies lived that long..losing them at 12, breaks my heart as it’s not enough time…this girl, beautiful girl…deserves love and a wonderful home. If You Love Me, Put a Leash On Me

  4. Zayde, my blind/deaf pup. I adopted him recently and he’s about 18. Sweetest little guy! He’s enjoying good food and a soft bed! And plenty of love!

  5. She’s gorgeous!! 🙂 My dog Scrap is 16 – he was found wandering the streets in Sydney, and now lives with us in Donegal, Ireland. At the time he was severely underweight & so timid. He’s survived being hit by a car twice, poisoning himself by drinking anti -freeze, has Cushing’s Disease, & has been several times at the point where he’s been so sick he’s been on a drip at the vets & we’ve made the agonising decision that it was time to say goodbye, only for him to turn around & become the life of the party again! He regularly walks 5K or more with me & my other Rescue, Rosie. Anyone who meets him can’t believe how spritely he is. I have to share this on his page. Go the Golden Oldies!! https://m.facebook.com/ScrapsBook

  6. What a sweet face! She looks so happy now and I’m glad they found her and gave her the best old years of her life……..If someone finds out what happened to her, please post it, I’m sure a lot of us wants to know……….

  7. Hi Guys, Thankyou for all the lovely comments for our beautiful old girl Kia she wants me to thank you all! And if anyone wants to stay upto date with her progress please feel free to join our page https://www.facebook.com/groups/onepawatatimedogrescue/
    We are a small foster based rescue set up by myself and husband shaun just over a year ago helping poundies after there 7 days are up, owner surrenders, free to good home dogs and dogs from abroad. We help all dogs regardless of where they’ve had the misfortune to be born and end up in awful situations Please feel free to join the group as the more supporters the better to share our doggies looking for forever homes and foster homes….we are based in the Midlands (UK) Again Thankyou for all your lovely comments on our beautiful Kia she truly is one of a kind ❤️
    Shane Duffin One Paw Co-Founder

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