5 Things You Know if You Own a Pit Bull

What thing do you know to be true of your pit bull?


While many of these traits can be ascribed to lots of dogs, all of these – and TONS more – are definitely true of pit bulls!



What thing do you know to be true of your pit bull?

66 thoughts on “5 Things You Know if You Own a Pit Bull

  1. You can walk out the door for only five minutes, but when you return they act like they have not seen you in years and they could not be any more excited.

    1. Omg! That is so very true. Mine does not look like he is as heavy as he feels trying to get him from behind a door. Oh so heavy.

  2. Pit bulls are not the problem.Its the owners who turn them into something there not used to.ANd If I had Pit bull he can sleep in my bed

  3. Their life’s work is to watch your every move and study you and your habits like they are writing a thesis on YOU.

  4. My babies name is sunny! He is the the smartest , funniest dog ever!he has taught me a lot. How to be a better human being, how to give and receive unconditional love and how to just be silly. Life is not so tough when you have a true friend who is always there for you. Pitbulls are the best

  5. Thanks for the likes!
    That’s my Dozer. I rescued him at seven weeks young. I had never seen myself wanting a pit. But he needed rescuing so I did. I’ve been amazed ever since. It’s not the breed it’s how you raise them.

    1. Thank you for the rescue of that Pitt, because they are the ones that doesn’t get rescue much and yet they are very SWEET and KIND, so thank you so much again for not being afraid, and thinking “outside of the box,” or giving to all the ppl who bad mouthing about pitt bulls that are mean and aggressive due to their abusive owners.

      So thank God for you and here am praying and hoping there are more people like you:))))

  6. I LOVE bull breeds. I’m a champion of them for sure. Mine is half Staffordshire bull terrier and she loves people and tennis balls best lol 🙂

  7. Great pics of all pitties. Oh yes, my kids call their terrible gas , drive bys, cuz they will fart, then turn ,look at u like I didn’t do that. Yes my pit is a ham, spoiled rotten, but I wouldn’t trade her for anything, I love her.even if she is a pain in my ass.

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