Abandoned Siblings Need a Home NOW

If you’re not local, please reach out to all the south and eastern rescues you follow – some of them might have an opening. And please SHARE to get the word out.

7.16.15 - Elizabethtown Siblings


These three girls are Margie, Maggie and Maddie.  Along with their brother, they were dumped at a North Carolina kill shelter by their heartless owner.  They have never been trained and are absolutely terrified.  Friends of the shelter are begging for someone to foster them and save their lives.

The Bladen County Animal Shelter in Elizabethtown is completely packed.  Droves of animals are coming in, but not enough are being adopted out.  They don’t want to have to euthanize any of these wonderful cats and dogs, but they just don’t have enough room to accommodate all of them.


Elizabethtown NCOWNER TURN INS 4 little dogs were turned into the shelter. Owner said they were 2 yrs old. They have…

Posted by A Shelter Friend on Thursday, July 16, 2015



Staff members are doing what they can, but with more pets arriving every day, they’re up against the wall.  In addition to the M siblings, other dogs and upwards of 20 cats are slated for execution tomorrow.

Employees and volunteers are pleading for rescues to pull and people to foster.  If you are in the area, please consider saving a life.  You don’t have to adopt, but if you have even a little space to foster, you can keep a lucky dog or cat alive.


Elizabethtown NC Cat room full . Must euthanize in order to take any more in. We are not the county kill shelter. We…

Posted by A Shelter Friend on Thursday, July 16, 2015



If you’re not local, please reach out to all the south and eastern rescues you follow – some of them might have an opening.  And please SHARE to get the word out.  If you can help at all, please call or text Silvia at 910-876-0539,  Debbie at 339-832-0806, or email QUICK with your phone number to [email protected]

A Shelter Friend is the Facebook page that posts photos and advocates for the adoption of these terrific animals in the kill shelter who just need a chance.


ELIZABETHOWN NC Kill Shelter is packed . Dogs will die today unless room is made . NOT 1 empty kennel HELP PLEASE Call…

Posted by A Shelter Friend on Wednesday, July 15, 2015



122 thoughts on “Abandoned Siblings Need a Home NOW

  1. My god. Those poor sweet babies. My god I hope those scum bags have no more pets. Please somebody help these sweet sister and their brother.

  2. have the shelter workers attend a local Council meeting. Ask that the shelter be funded enough to not have to kill animals. When they say no, tell them that you then expect the same “no” councillors to come to the shelter and euthanize the animals that THEY had to pick out. Don’t let them off… stick with it and the embarrassment and guilt may well change the shelter to a no kill

  3. Wish I was closer I will pray for someone to take them together. I have 2 dogs i rescued 3 cats 2 rabbits and I am rescueding another one soon. I will see if I can fine someone were I like in Indiana if they can come here

  4. I hear more bad news about NC on how they treat dogs. What’s wrong with those people? I guess it’s all global, not just NC.

  5. Heartless bastards threw them away like garbage—sometimes I hate people! May they find love, and I hope they can be together! Sweet babies!

  6. I sent a text to Debbie that I contacted Angels Among Us Rescue in Atlanta. Everyone PLEASE reach out to them about these dogs and ask them to help! I will donate and drive to pick them up!!! Please contact them!

  7. That doesn’t look like a very comfortable bed!!! They need to all go to the same home. There should be no such thing as a KILL SHELTER!!

  8. I wish I could adopt a pet give it a loving and wonderful home I donate to animal shelters but would like to do more I cant have pets where I live

  9. Killshelter ? what on eath are those?? Do they really exist in your country? .. don’t tell me I don’t want to know. See enough animalsuffering coming by. Bless those of you who fight this !

  10. Why are people so ignorant all it takes is a neutered or spayed dog . Really they are free in some areas please end this stupidity and ignorance. People you are human ! I pray you are ashamed of what you did to these poor pups.

  11. Isn’t kill shelter an oxymoron? What heartless bastards to drop off these innocent beauties. They had no idea where their humans were taking them. Dogs are so loyal and trusting, entirely at our mercy.

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