Parking Officer Saves Dog Locked Inside Vehicle’s Trunk

When the trunk was opened, officers found an unconscious dog trapped under a bicycle. The pet was minutes away from dying.

On July 6, 2015, a parking enforcement officer ticketing illegally parked vehicles in San Antonio, Spain, saved the life of Barbita, a four-year-old mixed breed dog, locked inside the trunk of a car. The dog was left in the unventilated compartment while temperatures reached 113 °F. Her life was saved because officers arrived on time, 15 more minutes inside the hot trunk would have claimed the dog’s life.



A female parking officer approached the vehicle left on Caminàs dels Hòmens street without a parking permit and started to issue the ticked when she heard strange sounds coming from the back of the car. The officer feared it was a dog an immediately called police officers for reinforcement.

Officers were dispatched to the location and they first tried to locate the car’s owner, but when the owner was not found and due to the extreme hot temperatures, police decided to break into the car and save the pet.

One of the car window’s was left opened and officers used the gap to insert an object to unlock the car doors. Once the doors were opened, officers opened the trunk and found an unconscious dog trapped under a bicycle.

Vet staff saving Barbita.
Vet staff saving Barbita.


Accordion to Las Provincias Barbita was minutes away from dying. She was dehydrated, had vomited and defecated in the car’s trunk.

Neighbors rushed to bring water for the pet and as soon as vitals signs were detected, the dog was transferred to a local veterinary clinic. Veterinarians worked to stabilize and save the pet and later relinquished her to Esperança Animal rescue group.

Authorities later identified the vehicle’s owner and charged him with felony animal cruelty and neglect. Now it is up to the legal system to penalize the pet owner for his criminal actions.

305 thoughts on “Parking Officer Saves Dog Locked Inside Vehicle’s Trunk

  1. Thank you for saving that sweet dog. The owner should have to be locked in the trunk for hours! Bet they won’t even go to jail, only a citation!

  2. What is wrong with people. Please tell me they got arrested… I am sure not and just a slap on the wrist. Its a life.. no matter what!!! Punish them!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Put a fur coat on the owner, lock him in a truck and see how they feel. No type of punishment is harsh enough for what they did.

  4. That poor dog. What a vile thing to do to any animal. This individual should be jailed immediately and charged to the fullest way extent that they can be.

  5. WHAT IN THE HELL is the matter with people?!!!!!! Why even have a pet or whatever THEY called him. Poor baby had to suffer because of some selfish, idiotic moron! Throw that scum bag in a trunk and leave!

  6. Who the hell would do this!?? Should they be allowed to exsist..who knows the people he has killed also ….someone that does this does anything …to protect humanity they need to be removed…I shudder to think what else they have done!

  7. Thank God the officer heard? The poor thing? It is a miracle anyone knew it was in there. Hope the dog finds a new better home and this owner is prosecuted!!

  8. Inside a trunk. Under a bicycle. :'( A. I hope this person has no children. B. I hope the dog doesn’t have to go back to its owner C. I don’t know of a stiff enough penalty without being “cruel and inhumane” to a person. Horrifying.

  9. Hateful people! Damnit! So sad! They leave their children, their dogs! I mean come on people- figure your shit out! God speed pup! You’ll find a new home! A loving home!

  10. What is wrong with people? are some people just born with a disgusting, evil, demonic, defective mind? I just don’t understand all this animal cruelty. I love that doggy!!!!

  11. It’s 2015, definite computer era, geniuses everywhere, but, for all the smarts out there, we still can’t seem teach compassion and caring to the STUPID, IGNORANT, ASSHOLES that commit these cruelties.

  12. Who fxxxxx does this! The owner needs to be charged and never own another fur baby ever. This person is sick.

  13. What type of person does this???Well, it’s someone who needs to be locked into a …I can’t imagine . The parking officer was an Angel from above! Thank you~!

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