Dog Buried Alive Saved Because of Another Dog

“It’s horrible. There are no words. If you no longer want your pet, there are people who can put them in centers… But this is pure sadism.”

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A 10-year-old dog found buried alive in France has been rescued and is recovering, thanks to a dog and owner who happened to see her head emerging from the ground.  Her former owner is now facing prison time and a $30,000 fine.

Pedro Dinis was walking his dog in Carrieres-sur-Seine, which is west of Paris.  His dog began behaving peculiarly, and he noticed the Dogue de Bordeaux buried up to her head.

“Only her head was visible and it was difficult to see given the amount of earth covering her,” he posted on Facebook.

She was surrounded by rocks, which are believed to have been thrown at her after being buried.  She was also attached to a large sack filled with gravel (to keep her from escaping).  Dinis called emergency services, who rushed the badly “shocked and dehydrated” dog to a veterinarian.


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Police were able to quickly locate the dog’s owner, who denied his involvement in her abuse.  He claimed that she ran away.

“The dog is more than 10 years old and suffers from arthritis. It’s difficult to imagine her running away,” said an inside source.

The man was arrested and will be put on trial for animal cruelty.  He faces two years in prison and a €30,000 ($32,772) fine.

“It’s horrible. There are no words. If you no longer want your pet, there are people who can put them in centers… But this is pure sadism,” said Dominic Berger, the general secretary of the Animal Defense Association in France.


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“How could someone do such a thing? It’s impossible.  One thing is certain, someone who is capable of doing such a thing poses a problem for our society.  Unfortunately, it’s not an uncommon incident. We find dogs who have been buried half alive or hung.”

A petition has been created, demanding that the abuser be sentenced with the maximum punishment.  It has already garnered 350,000 signatures.

Thankfully Dinis and his dog were in the area to save the poor girl, whose name might be Athena.  A friend of his has even taken to comparing them to superheroes.


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1,118 thoughts on “Dog Buried Alive Saved Because of Another Dog

    1. Amen I agree…. 30k isn’t enough he should have what he did to his own dog to him but not rescued…..

  1. Prison??? Yeah for barely any long period of time I’m sure. Bury the scumbag and let all the dogs piss and shit on the hole that I volunteer to dig.

  2. Do the exact same thing to that POS owner!! Except, REALLY bury him completely!!!!! Alive!!!
    Oh……..tie his hands behind his back first!!!

  3. What is wrong with people! Makes me sick. These sadistic people need to be put in jail. Thank goodness for the angels that saved her.

  4. Prison time would definitely be appropriate if that’s what he / she actually gets. Actually the same treatment the dog had would be even more appropriate.

  5. I hope the person responsible for this faces the same punishment as an attempted murderer. Animal abuse really needs to be addressed and the punishment and fines should be heightened.

  6. Someone like this should suffer the same penalty as he dished out! I have no sympathy for anyone who would do that to another living creature!

    1. Dear Brother,

      The scene is really disturbing and every heart will pain for sure,but this where you have to be normal.It is sad that dog is buried alive and his owner intentions are cruel.But you think to “bury him alive in a fire ant nest” is weird .If you think like this,then you are so inhuman.You want to do the same to a man,where it was done to a dog. Then what is the difference between you and the dog owner.
      He deserves a punishment for sure by Law.Let not your mind and heart get murkier.


  7. I have gone through my whole life where I can honestly say that I didn’t hate anyone ….until recently. I hate what some people do to their unwanted animals. Instead of doing the right thing and bringing them to a shelter where the animals can find a good home, they bury them, shoot them, throw them down a well or worse… drop them off in a deserted location and drive away. This infuriates me…I hate people that do these things. There has to be a bigger penalty for animal cruelty. As far as Cecil the lion is concerned. …don’t even get me started…….

  8. It’s should be No Bail for that scumbag or any one who hurts or abuse an animal. Pets can’t defend theirselves , if they don’t want them anymore for whatever reason, bring them to animal shelter . This piss me off so much..

  9. I love how the rescuing dog is so concerned with the corso. (looks like a bully to me). How fortunate that they found that lovely senior. Hope and strength that the last years are better than the ones before.

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