Dog Shot & Expected to Die Is Now Walking

“We are astounded at her strength and love through all of this. She still loves humans even after the many lousy hands she has been dealt from them.”

8.21.15 - Shot on First Day of Freedom0


Lacey was “rescued” from an animal control shelter in Texas, and then put into a kennel for over a year.  She was rescued for real and taken into a foster home, but on her first day running around her new yard, someone shot her.  Now she is fighting for her life, but she needs a lot of help.  It is unknown who shot her, making an investigation difficult.

This plea comes from Lacey’s fundraiser page, set up by rescue group Bullluvable Paws and Chi Wawas Rescue:

Abandoned in a boarding facility by another rescue that was “saving her”, for 14 months, our rescue decided to take her as one of ours, get her in training to become a more socialized dog, and get her adopted into a great forever home! Her first day of freedom was magical! She got to run on an acre of land, play in the baby pool and sit on a real life couch, in the air conditioned house and watch TV. Best yet, she was out of the run and kennel that she called home for more than a year!

Lacey was in doggie heaven until about 8pm that night.  Her foster mom let her out to go potty, minutes later heard shots and saw this sweet baby girl lying, lifeless, in the yard.  She was just going potty.

We took her so she could have a new life and now she fights for it!  She has a shattered ear drum, spinal cord damage, shattered ribs, swelling in her lungs, and some neurological issues. She cannot stand and will not eat.

We are hoping, in the next few days, she starts responding to the emergency vetting being done. She was so close to a great life that we are praying this isn’t it for her!


8.21.15 - Shot on First Day of Freedom1


Update #1:  Things are looking better for Lacey today. The last few days she has not been able to move but today she moved her back legs while she was out to potty. She needs several diagnostic tests that will cost thousands of dollars and that is just to determine what neurological damage has been done to her spine. She was shot in the spine and close to her ear drum, shattering the ear drum. She will be deaf in her right ear forever and may have severe spinal damage that may require her to be in a harness and cart for the remainder of her days. We thought the pain of it all and her possibly being paralyzed would be enough for us to let her go peacefully but this girl won’t stop fighting for her life. She wants to live. When we visit her, she tries to reach out to us with her paw and even tried to lick us last night.

The vet said there is a great chance she could fully recover so we just can’t let it end this way. We have to get every bit of medical treatment we can to try and save her.  The vet also said any other dog would have succumbed to this injury shortly after. We know this means she wants to live.

We just saved her from a life in boarding so to end like this makes us sick. We are hoping our supporters and friends will bond together to help us help her.  By the time we are done, we will be looking at close to $10k in ICU expenses and at that time she will go into a 24 hour care facility for rehab care and then we are hoping to her forever home.  This can’t be it for her. It just can’t be.

Update #2:  Lacey ate a little chicken last night. I played Enya music and set it by her head and she gave me a kiss through her basket. She wags her tail when we all visit her. She wants to live. She is fighting so hard. Those are the pros… now for the cons. She is still not moving or able to stand. She has no function in her hind area but can move her legs a little bit when she is laying down. Her left pupil is still blown which means swelling on the brain. I pet her head and she closes her eyes. All of this visitation is more attention than she’s had in 14 months! Her old “rescue” never even visited her so for her to have 3-5 visits every day must seem really fun! She is hanging on so she can have even more visits!!

We are transferring her to the neuro vet this evening and will have the CAT scan done to determine what her quality of life will be moving forward.


8.21.15 - Shot on First Day of Freedom3



Update #4:  Yesterday morning we were contemplating euthanizing her as her pain was almost too much for her to bare. Our vet thought it was the most humane thing to do as her injuries are so severe.

Fast forward to last night and she WALKED in to the room to see her visitors! Each time! She even rolled over on her back for belly rubs!

This was and is nothing short of a miracle so we now know for sure, without a doubt, prayers WORK!!

This is the first step in her recovery, but she has a long, long way to go.

She is in no way out of the woods. The next few weeks will determine how much nerve damage was done to her right leg and neck. In speaking to the neurological vet and two of our regular vets this morning, she will not be a candidate for surgery right now. In the future, the probability of her having to have her right leg amputated is almost certain and she will most likely never regain the hearing in her left ear. The damage was devastating but she’s not letting that keep her down!

She’s showing us she wants to live and she will endure the pain to get to the great part of her life in which she will just be super happy and loved!

This girl has been the best spirit!!

She has become the hero of our rescue!! Thank you for so much for all of your support! It’s not over. She needs long term care, surgery, medication, medical foster care and long term rehab but this first step is so amazing and beautiful!!

Update #7 (the most recent):  Lacey is doing better and better. She is continuing to walk in to her nightly visits and wags that tail like there is nothing wrong with her. We are astounded at her strength and love through all of this. She still loves humans even after the many lousy hands she has been dealt from them. She will be transferred to a new vet facility tomorrow. She is being released from ICU care. It is still nothing short of a miracle.

We do not know what will become of her right leg. That, only time will tell, but right now she is happy using 3 and still loves her belly rubs. She will do anything for a belly rub!

If you would like to donate, please click here.


8.21.15 - Shot on First Day of Freedom2

178 thoughts on “Dog Shot & Expected to Die Is Now Walking

  1. Many humans truly get on my frickin nerves! What idiots and cowards YOU ARE THAT YOU DO THIS TO A DEFENSELESS ANIMAL. ASSHOLES! HOPE YOU BURN IN THE FIRES OF HELL.

  2. WTH?! Her desire to live a happy life will persevere over the evil of the “human” who did this…in every case the best revenge is to just be happy and she has such a great possibility of such❤️

  3. Imagine how that poor dog must have felt…..when all he wanted to do was love a human, and to have that happen….heartbreaking!

  4. Most humans disgust me. Ppl who save God’s furry/feathery/scaly creatures are the only ones I adore. There’s a special place in hell for the person who shot this sweet dog. God bless her rescuers.

  5. Ok so when they find out what piece of trash did this to the dog, first take any money they have, and secondly and most importantly teach this asshole and all other future assholes that think this ok a lesson and beat them to a bloody pulp to let everyone know any animal abuse won’t ever be tolerated. No fine or even jail time is going to stop these monsters but you know what will? An eye for an eye and worse.

  6. I agree with you Maria, Some people shouldnt be on the planet, those that abuse animals are just a waste of space, air and an abomanation, should be tourtered themselves for the things they do. Thats why people that love dogs need to stand LOUD, and STRONG and FIGHT for the voiceless!!! Poor Lacey,=( I hope and pray for all the pups and animals out there……God hear my prayers, NO MORE animals suffering!!!!

  7. Wtf? I hate people. So heartbreaking. What did this beautiful creature do to deserve this? Absolutely nothing. We have failed him. I hope he can finally get the love he deserves.

  8. That -poor dog,finally had a chance to be happy and some POSdoes this. I beginning to hate the human race.If only people had hearts like dogs the world would be a better place.

  9. God bless you Lacey and the family that added you to their loving forever home. I wish you guys nothing but love and happiness. 🙂

  10. Cowards! Why that poor dog?! Go and shot your family or yourself!!! I really really hate animal abusers, all should go straight to hell where you belong!!! ?

  11. Glad to hear Lacey is doing well again (y)!! Hope she has a long, happy, and uneventful life now!! As for that cowardly POS that shot her, hope he gets what he deserves!! Just another animal abuser who deserves nothing less than a bullet to the head!!

  12. I was attacked on my front step by a neighbor walking by. .. kicked me unconscious & now I need surgery too… I know oboe SOME people sick. . I’m looking for those who will help Lacey & me. I’m at Please donate, share or both. Not talking away from Lacey, just agreeing with the dangers of being outside alone. It’s just so sad we can’t have any freedom in the land of the free.

  13. Why is the world so cruel? It gets worse every day! Going after the vulnerable and innocent like children, the elderly and animals is to be the worst human being ever! Why don’t you pick on somebody your own size‼️ You will face judgement some day, then you’ll know what it feels like! The difference though, is you DESERVE the consequences of your actions, unlike the vulnerable you picked on‼️

  14. Damn what is wrong with people today? Leave the poor dogs alone.. Stop shooting them!! ANIMAL ABUSERS MUST BE EUTHANIZED!!! Oh and.. ALL ANIMALS MATTER! (Y) (Y) <3

  15. It’s hard to understand what people sometimes do to animals who are just trying to live their lives. Hope Lacey survives to have the good lif she deserves. I wonder if the person who shot her was known and possibly punished as he certainly should have been.

  16. Un-f***ing-believable!!! This angel has an Angel watching over her! Keep fighting, Lacey!! The turd who did this does not deserve to share the same air we do. He is evil and needs to be put down.

  17. Find the one that shot her and euthanize them. Continue doing that one at a time, each time and soon all those dangerous people will be gone.

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