“Don’t Worry, He’ll Never get Over 20 Pounds…”

Wife tells her husband that the dog she just adopted would stay small. Boy was he surprised to see just how big the dog got!

8.25.15 - Yogi3

This adorable little guy in the picture above is Yogi.  When his human mom adopted him, she told her husband he was a Jack Russell and probably wouldn’t ever get over the twenty pound mark.  Fast forward to today, and the deception comes to light.

When Sue Markham brought Yogi home from a shelter, she told her husband that the dog was a Jack Russell.  Mr. Markham was totally fine with making an addition to the family by adopting a dog, on the condition that they would get a smaller sized one.  However, that all went out the window when she saw Yogi.  She just had to have him, so she brought him home.

Mrs. Markham knew full well that Yogi was a great Dane.  If you didn’t already know, that is in no way a smaller sized dog.  That’s not even a medium sized dog.  Yogi may have started out at 1 pound, 15 ounces, but he wouldn’t stay that way long.

8.25.15 - Yogi2

Starting out with them as a puppy, he was so cute and small, it’s easy to see how one would love to have him.  But would Mr. Markham go for it?  Possibly.  If she just told Mr. Markham that Yogi would remain smaller, then maybe by the time he realized anything amiss it would be far too late to do anything about it.

Things were going just fine, until Mr. Markham noticed that Yogi was polishing off about $60 in dog food a week.  That most certainly is A LOT of dog food.  It turned out that Yogi was not just a great Dane, but a Boston Great Dane, which just also happens to be one of the single largest breeds on the planet!

Today, Yogi is weighing in at about 200 pounds, and is around six feet, ten inches from tip to tail.  Much bigger than your everyday Jack Russell, that’s for sure.  He’s a neighborhood favorite as well, gaining tons of attention for his very large size and gentle giant manner.

If you were wondering, Mr. and Mrs. Markham are still together.  Even with the whole little white lie about a puppy not being roughly the size of a small pony when fully grown.  Yogi loves his human mom and dad, and spends most of his days getting all the play, love and attention a dog could ever want.  Not too bad for a former shelter puppy.

8.25.15 - YogiFEAT

85 thoughts on ““Don’t Worry, He’ll Never get Over 20 Pounds…”

  1. When we adopted Loke, we been told that he will be max 35 lbs…. and 105lbs later we have Great Dane sized pit and he is not full grown yet 🙂 Love my giant lap dog!

  2. That’s what my uncle Bennie said about his daughter, baby fat, she’ll out grow it…..and as time went by,
    she continued to grow….and today we;re happy to say, she’s tipping the scales at 378 lbs….
    She’s got a great personality and she can cook….great combination!

  3. When we went to the shelter to pick a second dog, told my daughter “no babies and nothing with long hair”. Yeah right. . . . . We picked an 8 week old Golden Retriever mix. We fell in love with him the moment we saw him. He was TOO CUTE to resist. Now he’s 5 years old and he is the most loyal, obedient, and funny dog.

  4. “Boston” refers to the color markings resembling Boston Terrier, and it is called a Mantle. It is not a type of Great Dane. You need to check your AKC /UK information.

  5. Boston refers to the color markings like a Boston Terrier, called Mantle. It is not a type of Great Dane. There are Fawns, Black, Brindle, Mantle, Blue, Harlequin, and Merle. They are color markings.

  6. “Boston” is just a color/pattern of great danes, also known as Mantle, it’s not a different variety/breed and it doesn’t get any larger than other great danes

  7. if you buy one of the better brands of dog food . you could easily spend $60,00 per week , I know because I do and I have a Lab/Rotty mixm

  8. When we adopted Jordan, may he RIP, we were told he was a Corgie mix. When he grew up, he looked like a Wippet/Pointer mix. Shit happens;)

  9. My daughter adopted Henry and was told he wouldn’t get over 30-35 pounds. He now weight 95 pounds and she wouldn’t trade him ever.

  10. I am so glad the big dog has a home. Most big dogs are put down. Thanks for raising him and loving him.

  11. Yes, Danes are indeed giant dogs, but was the photoshop deception really necessary? Someone forgot to do Mr. Markham’s other foot!

  12. This is Renzo, my gorgeous Shepherd and probably boxer or Malinois mix. When I got him from the shelter, they told me he would probably top out around 40 pounds. I took one look at him and said “I don’t think so, those are some pretty big paws”. He’s 100 pounds and done growing now, and while he is not as extreme an example as the Boston Great Dane reading this article, I could not be happier.

  13. it’s not a photoshop, it’s a close up of the dog at a low angle with the owner in the background

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