Forgotten Dog, George, Is Fighting for His Life

Please, if you can afford to, consider donating to this very worthy cause. George needs your help.

Second Chance Rescue out of New York City tells us about their latest rescue, George.  Forgotten and left for dead, George is now fighting for his life and needs your help badly.  If you can afford to, please consider donating to his fundraiser.  Here is what SCR had to say:

8.17.15 - mange dog2

What breaks your heart? What breaks it apart? And what breaks it open?

Forgotten and near death, this is how our newest rescue was found on the property of an abandoned house. Meet George, yes he is almost too hard to look at. We do not know how or why, anyone could let this happen, but we do know that George is now under the care of a great vet team.

George has several raging infections going on his face, eyes, muzzle. We do not know if he was struck in the face, or attacked by other dogs causing swelling and raw bloody skin. We received the call for help yesterday, his face touched us deeply and we simply could not let this poor dog suffer and sit in a kill shelter. He needed immediate vet care, and the shelter was afraid he wouldn’t survive.

George has been through hell, and while we can not take away his past, we can make every effort to give George his second chance. We hope that you will agree and help us to give George the medical care that he so desperately needs and deserves. Please support this save by making a donation, no amount is too small and it is greatly appreciated.  To donate, click here.

We will keep you updated on this magnificent dog’s recovery.  You are in gentle hands now and you will be gregarious George. No one will ever break you down, we are here to build you up… George the Great.
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576 thoughts on “Forgotten Dog, George, Is Fighting for His Life

    1. Please be very careful posting this type of message as you won’t really know who you are talking to.Stay safe and take care

  1. Praying for you sweet George. May God heal you soon and bless Second Chance Rescue with all the resources they need to care for you other doggies too.

  2. what A$$ HOLES would do this to Gods creatures???????????? I guess I’ll never understand. I hope they find out who did this to this poor baby. It breaks my heart. :'(

  3. I have no words… Really no words but to keep George in my heart and prayers. I pray he gets the help he needs and a speedy recovery with a loving family Sent his way to heal him from whatever was thrown his way and to show him that there are loving caring people out there.

  4. How can people do something like this to a living being and walk away with zero regrets is beyond me. Please lock them up and never let them out.

  5. Thank you Lord, for giving us people with such compassion and the means to save these sweet fur babies. We shine in your shadow heavenly Father, in Your name we pray,,,AMEN!

  6. Donated. Hope this lovely animal finds the good life he deserves and the evil waste of skin who did this to him dies slowly & painfully.

  7. I love dogs dearly, but this dear one ought to be put down. The pain must be awful. Sorry if this bothers some folks, but it is an option.

  8. This dog looks like he was attack by another dog or abuse if see dog like this if can’t help him would take to vet put him down because dog like this does not deserve to live look at him might be able to see got skin infection know how money this going to be plus if he’s in so much pain would rather put him to sleep were would not be in pain

  9. Gotta understand when people rescue dogs and cats not always going to look good some them will end up dead or sick vet bill will be a lot money some off will end up either hurt or abuse so you gotta understand this job not very easy on people they deal with enough abuse world we live in is evil and good we have fight for people animals children make this world better place

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