Forgotten Dog, George, Is Fighting for His Life

Please, if you can afford to, consider donating to this very worthy cause. George needs your help.

Second Chance Rescue out of New York City tells us about their latest rescue, George.  Forgotten and left for dead, George is now fighting for his life and needs your help badly.  If you can afford to, please consider donating to his fundraiser.  Here is what SCR had to say:

8.17.15 - mange dog2

What breaks your heart? What breaks it apart? And what breaks it open?

Forgotten and near death, this is how our newest rescue was found on the property of an abandoned house. Meet George, yes he is almost too hard to look at. We do not know how or why, anyone could let this happen, but we do know that George is now under the care of a great vet team.

George has several raging infections going on his face, eyes, muzzle. We do not know if he was struck in the face, or attacked by other dogs causing swelling and raw bloody skin. We received the call for help yesterday, his face touched us deeply and we simply could not let this poor dog suffer and sit in a kill shelter. He needed immediate vet care, and the shelter was afraid he wouldn’t survive.

George has been through hell, and while we can not take away his past, we can make every effort to give George his second chance. We hope that you will agree and help us to give George the medical care that he so desperately needs and deserves. Please support this save by making a donation, no amount is too small and it is greatly appreciated.  To donate, click here.

We will keep you updated on this magnificent dog’s recovery.  You are in gentle hands now and you will be gregarious George. No one will ever break you down, we are here to build you up… George the Great.
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576 thoughts on “Forgotten Dog, George, Is Fighting for His Life

  1. Its amazing how sometimes a few certain so called human beings, and even tho i strongly disagreed on calling them human beings at all, can do so many awful and sickening things to defenseless animals that cant really fight back, i honestly wish they would make these laws to protect animals more harsher for these ppl, to get the next one who plan on doing something like this something to think about

  2. George, I wish you could read this. You are a survivor, you will do great things just by bringing awareness to animal abuse/neglect. You will be helping so many others like you.

  3. Poor baby how the hell does someone live with themselves. Keep being strong George help is on it’s way. Thank you 2nd chance for helping him. Donated what I could.

  4. I wish so bad I could and all the other dogs and cats that have been treated this way. We live paycheck to paycheck. I’d i ever win the lottery I would donate to everything to do with annals. God bless his soul. Sorry I can’t help but I will pray for him.

  5. Omg.. I’m all for supporting aiding rescued dogs but not everyone can handle seeing a pic like this.. If u lose more followers than just me, u might reconsider about posting the pics

    1. I have a Rottie,this is over 2 yrs ago,I just need to know is there a healthy Photo of George at the end I can’t bar to stumble upon a photo of such neglect,an to see him probably to in shock to move,hes standing with dignity,not wanting to be disloyal, please post an update!!!!!! George I’m so so sorry some human failed you!!!!!

  6. What (cos I cannot believe it was a “who”) did this to this poor baby???
    Oh….karma will get you, arseholes!!!!

  7. Prayers for this sweet baby, couldn’t read it, but I know this dog needs lot of love, attention, and prayers by seeing this picture. Its so heartbreaking.

  8. This is absolutely horrific and disgusting. I so hate humans who continually abuse animals. It never ends and the animals don’t have a chance. Praying for George. Thank you to all who are involved in rescue.

  9. To the person that left this poor dog to die; I hope you burn in hell. If you were on fire, I wouldn’t even waste my piss on you.

  10. PLEASE stop using the shocking, gruesome, and often *triggering* photos to headline your posts. If you really need to show them, do so further down, with a warning. I want to support your efforts, and I want to get news, but I don’t need or want to see horrifying suffering animals to get the message. I suspect you’re losing good people who unfollow for this reason, and probably attracting and triggering the people who would do this sort of thing.

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