Hiker Risks His Life to Save Puppy Abandoned in Canyon

He is living life to its fullest by romping through the snow, leaping over boulders, and splashing through desert pools.

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Five years ago, Zachary Anderegg was hiking in an isolated area in Arizona when he saw a bony black puppy huddled at the bottom of a 350-foot canyon.  There was no way this puppy got down there by himself, and he certainly wasn’t going to get out by himself.

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A better person couldn’t have come along.  Zak is a former US Marine Sergeant, and was up for the challenge.  Some parts of the hike weren’t so bad, but other stretches were jammed with logs.  He set up his rappelling equipment and made his way down into the narrow crevice to reach the pup.

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On his second trip down, Zak brought food and water.  He didn’t have everything he needed to pull the dog up to safety, but at least provided him with food and a towel for the night.  The next day, Zak returned with a crate.  It was incredibly difficult, but he managed to lug the starving puppy up to the top of the canyon.

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The poor dog was in terrible shape; he was emaciated, his paws were completely torn up, his teeth were blackened from malnutrition, and he had shotgun pellets embedded in his skin.  Zak sought medical attention for the dog, and called him Riley.

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Zak and his wife adopted Riley, and before long, his health improved and he bloomed into the charismatic, life-loving dog he was meant to be.  He even got a big dog brother named Kohi, whom he gets along with very well.

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Riley started out life being horribly abused and unloved.  Now he is beloved by thousands and goes on all kinds of adventures.  He is living life to its fullest by romping through the snow, leaping over boulders, and splashing through desert pools.  Most importantly, he’s doing all this with his family.

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To see more of Riley’s adventures, check out his Facebook page, Canyon Puppy.  To buy Zak’s book about his and Riley’s amazing story, click here.

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158 thoughts on “Hiker Risks His Life to Save Puppy Abandoned in Canyon

  1. This story bought me to tears. Thank God for this man. So heart wrenching in the beginning and such a heartwarming ending. Reminds me of my dog. We rescued her from bad conditions as well she was abandoned.

  2. This was one of the most amazing and heart wrenching stories ever. I think they rescued each other that day. What a wonderful life Riley has today, the one he so deserves for all that he went through. I love him so much.

  3. wow! that was so emotional…what a lucky pup he is that you found him in time..unbelievable. Thanks for sharing this beautiful story.

  4. A very moving and inspiring story. Bless Riley. Bless this man for going the extra mile to rescue this beautiful dog. I will look for his book. Damn the person or persons that put Riley in that place.

  5. This is a beautiful and amazing story!!!! I went from crying tears of sadness to tears of joy! Thank you Zak for rescuing Riley and thank you to both you and your wife for giving Riley a safe, loving and wonderful life. You were his angel the day you rescued him. Thank you for sharing this beautiful story!

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  6. wow what a awesume ending thank you for risking ur life to save riley thank you soooo much.truley touched my heart to know there are people that will go the xtra mile to save a fur baby..ty ty .

  7. What the hell is wrong with people??? Some are just evil, I’m convinced! Thank you to Zachary Anderegg for saving this pup! You’re my kind of hero!

  8. Thank God this man came along. So very cruel. Animals have hearts, therefore animals have feelings & he must have been scared & lonely. Mean ass people who did that. Thankfully he has love, a life & family now.

  9. I hope to god that the same goes for the devil that did this to the poor pup,, at least the pup is the one who won out of this fight

  10. I was teary eyes watching this video.I asked myself how can a human being with his right mind do this to this innocent puppy. What a horrible person. Really glad Riley found his soulmate.???

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  11. Thank u to this lovely gentlemen for rescuing him and giving he happy loven home. We have some very evil people out in the world when is this going to stop they don’t ask for any of this all animals want is a nice clean warm bed food and to b loved. And by god they do love u back. Xxx

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