Rex Ryan Will Eat Dog Biscuits for Charity

Let’s make the Dog Biscuit Challenge go viral! Tweet your video with the hashtag #DogBiscuitChallenge, share it on Facebook, & tell your SPCA to get involved!

8.5.15 - Rex Ryan Will Eat Dog Biscuits for Charity1


Just a couple of days ago we told you about the Dog Biscuit Challenge.  It’s like last year’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, but this time the challenge will be helping shelter pets in need.  The Buffalo Bills new head coach has just been nominated and certainly won’t be “barking” down!

The SPCA Serving Erie County is looking to raise money so they can continue to rescue animals of all sorts and care for them in their no-kill shelter.  So they decided to start the Dog Biscuit Challenge.

“We’re raising money for our Paws in the Park fundraiser, which is our biggest fundraiser of the year,” said Executive Director Barbara Carr. “And we thought this year we would challenge our friends to donate to the cause, eat a biscuit or both.”

How it works is you challenge a few friends, and within 72 hours they have to donate money or record themselves eating a dog biscuit, upload it for the world to see, and tag other people to nominate to do the same.  The people who donate don’t have to eat the biscuit, but many, like Rex Ryan, will be doing both.


Rex Ryan will be eating a dog cookie at the SPCA’s annual Paws in the Park event on Saturday, September 26th at Beaver Island State Park on Grand Island.

Now we’re challenging YOU!  If you would like to donate to the Erie County SPCA, please click here.  Even if you don’t live in the Buffalo area, you can help get the word out to SPCAs all over the country, and to RSPCAs and various other shelters all over the world.

Let’s make the Dog Biscuit Challenge go viral!  Tweet your video with the hashtag #DogBiscuitChallenge, or share it on Facebook with the same hashtag – #DogBiscuitChallenge.


8.5.15 - Rex Ryan Will Eat Dog Biscuits for Charity2


On a related note, as a little kid, I occasionally ate my dogs’ Milkbones.  Whenever my doofy brother decided this would be an appropriate anecdote to share with friends and family, my mom would facetiously say, “they’re healthier than cookies, and they were good for her teeth!”  They were actually fairly tasty, in a sneak-treat kind of way.  However, you can always make your own dog biscuits using ingredients like oatmeal, carrots, apples, chicken, and sweet potatoes.  Go organic!

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  1. Your website makes it ridiculous to try and share your stories. The pics it shows are from the top of the page instead of the pic that goes along with the story.

  2. Honestly, I have tried the dog “bones” they give out at CVS and my banks to try to get my dog to try it and I have had worse diet food….

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