Video: Tazo’s Best Day

Nothing makes a shelter dog happier than having dreams come true.

Tazo, a special needs shelter dog, has the best day of his life when some friends get together to make his dreams come true. This short-legged dog gets massages, hydrotherapy, treats, new toys, new wheels, and oh yes, a forever home!

14 thoughts on “Video: Tazo’s Best Day

  1. Tazo you are such an amazing adorable boy and such a sweetheart. I sure can see that you add a great time and a best day ever!! Keep it up and you’ll get stronger and stronger each day .

  2. Posted on teinuizivelle au viziunea editorului, care are viziunea sefului cel mare care are viziunea patronului care patron e si el om; iar oamenii asa se poarta: asta se cheama psihologie de stadion; cat timp le dai satisfactie te aclama, imediat dupa aceea te huiduie fiindca nu le mai dai satisfactie; oamenilor nu le plac decat castigatorii; castigatorii le plac chiar si atunci cand nu le plac; sustinatorii lui geoana nu se mai ocupa de geona, care nu le mai da satisfactie, se ocupa de basescu si udrea, care sunt de vina si daca afara ploua…

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