Video: Tazo’s Best Day

Nothing makes a shelter dog happier than having dreams come true.

Tazo, a special needs shelter dog, has the best day of his life when some friends get together to make his dreams come true. This short-legged dog gets massages, hydrotherapy, treats, new toys, new wheels, and oh yes, a forever home!

16 thoughts on “Video: Tazo’s Best Day

  1. Tazo you are such an amazing adorable boy and such a sweetheart. I sure can see that you add a great time and a best day ever!! Keep it up and you’ll get stronger and stronger each day .

  2. Posted on teinuizivelle au viziunea editorului, care are viziunea sefului cel mare care are viziunea patronului care patron e si el om; iar oamenii asa se poarta: asta se cheama psihologie de stadion; cat timp le dai satisfactie te aclama, imediat dupa aceea te huiduie fiindca nu le mai dai satisfactie; oamenilor nu le plac decat castigatorii; castigatorii le plac chiar si atunci cand nu le plac; sustinatorii lui geoana nu se mai ocupa de geona, care nu le mai da satisfactie, se ocupa de basescu si udrea, care sunt de vina si daca afara ploua…

  3. Je me souviens de toutes les discussion sur le sujet.Aussi sur comment calculer au plus juste si toutes les photos n’ont pas le même nombre de votant!En tout cas, je le trouve bien comme ça le défi.

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