Abused Dog Rescued from Life Inside a 110-Degree Shed

“This poor pit bull [was] living in a shed with no food, no water, nothing but feces, urine-soaked rags and makeshift bedding among bags of concrete and debris.”

9.9.15 - Dog Rescued from 110-Degree Shed


Guardians of Rescue makes another heroic rescue!


Outreach never proves to be dull. Cruelty never ceases to exist in our efforts to change lives, one by one. The temperature outside today was over 90 degrees. A call came in from a concerned neighbor about a dog that has been beaten and abused and can be heard but has not been seen for a while.

When we arrived to the driveway the homeowner came out, but there was no dog in sight. If not for the faint whimpering in the distance behind the house, we would have never found “Manson” inside a shed. Yes, that WAS his name! Guardian member Frankie was shocked to find this poor pit bull living inside an enclosed shed, which was like an oven inside, at 110 degrees with no food, no water, nothing but feces, urine-soaked rags and makeshift bedding among bags of concrete and debris.



THE SHED OF SUFFOCATION: Manny is removed from his life inside the shed. This poor 8 month old Pittie has been seen…

Posted by Guardians of Rescue on Tuesday, September 8, 2015



This was “Manny’s” life. His owner, who has been seen beating the dog by neighbors, is now in prison on other charges, and the ignorant father thought nothing of putting the dog in the shed! Frankie convinced him to surrender the dog. Manny was immediately brought to our shelter partner, Save-A-Pet Animal Rescue, where he received fluids for dehydration and is receiving medical attention for skin infections and parasites.

He will soon be available for adoption. Law enforcement will take on the legalities of this case. Our work is to get the dog to safety. And we did just that… and guess what? Manny forgives his abusers and loves everyone! This is a perfect example of “If you see something, say something!” Want to sponsor Manny? Please consider a donation and save a life at: http://guardiansofrescue.org/save-a-life/

Any and all donations are greatly appreciated! Together we save them!


9.9.15 - Dog Rescued from 110-Degree Shed2

167 thoughts on “Abused Dog Rescued from Life Inside a 110-Degree Shed

  1. I just don’t get how can someone abuse somebody else (person, cat, dog)….it’s pretty obvious instead of brain and neurones, they have shit inside. I am glad this beautiful pit bull is getting so much love and deserved care 🙂

  2. I dont understand how a human being could do this to an animal.Karma to the owner which is in jail on unrelated charges and should be charged the max of animal cruelty. A forever home and love to the fur baby!

  3. Thank you and bless you for rescuing him and giving him a wonderful loving home! May the ones that did this horrible act find themselves in the same situation… Only no one to rescue them!!!

  4. I wish the people who abuse these poor animals would get the same treatment, oh yeah, they will, eventually. They’ll be spending their eternity in a special kind of Hell.

  5. He looks so happy! Thank god he was rescued. Those people need to die, there is absolutely no need for them to be on earth! I hope they get murdered!

  6. It’s amazing that I read time after time of animal cruelty and yet the animal learns to love another human. Wish that wonderful pooch and owner all the best. Love to hear success stories like this!

  7. Aww bless you
    You’re angels rescuing the poor dog from dying a slow painful death. Karma to the perpetrators!!! Big Hugz to you beautiful dog….xxx

  8. As long as I live, I will never understand why people would do this terrible thing to another living being. God will have the final justice.

  9. The way people treat the helpless around them is a barometer of the true personality of that person. Sad situation for humans and animals, every species!!

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