Alsu Ivanchenko Found Guilty in Dog Abuse Case

Dog abuser Alsu Ivanchenko has been convicted on animal cruelty charges by a Staten Island court justice.

A judge from Staten Island, New York has convicted Alsu Ivanchenko on charges of animal cruelty.  She very badly injured her three-month-old puppy, then tossed the poor thing out of the window of her car, leaving Charlotte to die.

Supreme Court Justice William E. Garnett delivered the guilty verdict on Ivanchenko for a felony count of aggravated cruelty to animals, and two misdemeanors: Animal abandonment, and over-driving, torturing and injuring animals.

9.15.15 - Charlotte1

Ivanchenko opted not to testify on her own behalf, and also chose a bench trial rather than trial by jury.  The trial went on for a total of five days.  There were 12 witnesses called by the prosecution and almost 140 different pieces of evidence shown against Ivanchenko.

The charges stem from her actions on September 12, 2014.  She beat her dog, then named Snowflake, then drove down to South Railroad Avenue and threw the dog out of the window of her vehicle near some train tracks.

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She says she left the dog to die because she couldn’t afford to pay for her medical care.  Some people passing through the area found the dog in a black, plastic bag.  They immediately got the dog to an animal hospital, and her life was saved.

When examined by hospital staff, it was found that the dog had two skull fractures, head trauma and other bruising, her eyes were crusted with blood and she also had a broken leg.

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The dog has been renamed Charlotte, and is a bit of a medical miracle in her own right.  The resilient pup managed to pull through, despite having serious and life threatening injuries.  Medical professionals say that even though her recovery has been remarkable, only time will tell if there will be any lasting damage done.

Charlotte now resides at a new forever home, with a family that loves her.  Ivanchenko is facing two years in prison, along with many other fines.  Sentencing in the case is set for October 27th.

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641 thoughts on “Alsu Ivanchenko Found Guilty in Dog Abuse Case

  1. Good that the judge convicted him of animal cruelty. He deserved the conviction and perhaps the guards will show him there in jail by kicking him around his cell daily and not feed him food just water as reward for his animal cruelty but he’ll not like it,. He will deserve it if not done there to him the guards should.

  2. Animal abuse laws need to be changed and sentences harsher! This has totally gotten out of control! Too many ignorant angry people today taking it out of children and animals! It has to stop and only way it will is if these sobs get a long jail sentence or worse!!

  3. Fuckin evil bitch!!!!!! Hell has a very special place for bastards like that.??i hope the demons torture her in hell where she belong!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Turn the gun on yourself, you evil, evil bitch. Save everyone the cost of supporting your sorry ass while you are hopefully serving your jail sentence.

  5. You poor sweetheart thank God she was found.For the person who did this to this baby why didn’t you just give her to someone .I hope justice is served.

  6. Someone needs to do the same to her, that’s sickening. If you don’t have the time or heart to devote to an animal, DON”T GET ONE!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Why do people like this even get pets…its disgusting. Harsher jail sentences should be in place for animal cruelty offenders in the state of New York.

  8. Only when more of these types of crimes get jail time will animal abuse be taken seriously. Too many places in the world, even more modern countries like the U.S., continue to treat animals like “just animals.”

  9. Hope this dumb blonde want to be gets beaten up in jail herself. ..let her feel the pain! Put her head in a plastic bag and let her die in it. ..ugly bitch. ..Thank you for saving little Charlotte!

  10. Hopefully this puppy will have a wonderful place to call home. People who do this are scum of the earth!! They have no compassion or respect for anything.

  11. Glad that Charlotte has recovered and has been adopted and is loved by a forever family. That woman needs to be taught a lesson by having done to her what she did to sweet baby Charlotte.

  12. We need very strict laws and then maybe they will stop. We need people to take notice of the abuse and make phone calls. They need serious jail time too. I got into a fight with a man because he told me to “mind your own business” because he left his dog in a car while it was 94 degrees. I screamed NO this is NOW my business and called the police. He ran to his car and took off and I didnt get a chance to get his license plate. But I will keep doing this to save any dog possible.We must all do whatever we can. Poor thing, so sad and just a little puppy.

  13. Fuck that piece of shit. I would never hit a woman, but this lady is not a woman, she is an evil pos I’d have no problem doing the same as she did to thr dog with no regrets.

  14. Law !!! Law !!! Law !!!! It should be mandatory jail time when will you high powered idiots get it !!!! Pathetic world we live in –

  15. Wait……………oh yeah I cannot use the one word that I so desperatly want to on FB, just know that I’m thinking it. hugs ans kisses to Charlotte from “Auntie Patti” and love to her new family <3

  16. Is there a list for animal offenders to make sure they never get their disgusting hands on another pet? There is a special place in hell for her and those like her.

  17. ~ Oh my God!!!! What a crazy sick bitch!!!! Look at that sweet tiny little baby, who could be so cruel!!!!! I would love 5 minutes alone with this sick monster and show her how it feels!!!!! Thank GOD this little baby is ok!!!!!?❤️

  18. Plain & simple. If you feel the need to hurt or torture an animal, you need to die. There is no room on this earth for people who don’t have compassion for animals. And yes, I value animal lives higher than human lives because most humans suck

  19. Hooray – that’s good news – Hope she understands and works the rest of her life making up for it – She definitely needs lots of counseling.

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