Bait Dog Rescued from “Worst Case Ever” Fighting Ring

Little Bear was saved from what would have been a short and miserable life as a bait dog for a dog fighting ring in Michigan.

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In Kalamazoo, Michigan, a dog called Little Bear is safe and sound.  This may not seem like a remarkable statement at first, but once you hear his story, and see what he has gone through, you’ll understand why he is a living canine miracle.

No one really knows how much of Little Bear’s life was spent as a bait dog for a dog fighting ring.  By the looks of things, he was muzzled and rendered defenseless.  Then, some sick person would use him to train a different dog for fighting.

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Due to his injuries, it took over two hours of surgery to get him properly stitched up.  He was then taken to the SPCA of Southwest Michigan for continuing care and rehabilitation.

It is unlikely that we will ever know just how long Little Bear had to endure this horrific treatment.  What is known is that he is in very good hands.  And even though his injuries were the “worst ever seen” by doctors and surgeons, it is expected that Little Bear will one day make a full recovery.



243 thoughts on “Bait Dog Rescued from “Worst Case Ever” Fighting Ring

    1. Well everyone seems to support Micheal Vick and his worthless brother in their killing of dogs in dog fights. But if your in the NFL your a saint.

        1. I agree with you re: Michael Vick. He is a worthless human being, but not to Big Money Football because he can do something with a ball. Doesn’t matter that he is most likely functionally illiterate. I’m sure my daughter had better academic skills than he does when she was in the 5th grade. All that matters to our society is what he can do with a “ball”. Anyone who could do what he did to dogs is not “remorseful”. How can any of those fans in Pittsburg stomach him???

      1. Vicks and the likes are worthless pieces of shit…..I would not blink an eye if they were on the road walking, ….they would have my tire prints on them!

  1. Bless your heart Little Bear – still wagging your tail after what those friggen bastards have done to you. Thank heavens you’re saved little pet. xoxo

  2. I really hate hearing these stories about animals especially dogs. It breaks my heart. I do not understand how people get joy out of harming or killing animals. Why cant they bring in harsher penalties ffs. Makes me so mad and upset. So glad this fur baby was saved. Thank you

  3. I say put all the scum bags involved in this in a room filled with very hungry wolves & let them try to fend for themselves with nothing &lock the door till the wolves are done with them!!

  4. I can’t read the story…I can only imagine…. Bless you for taking him in and caring for him. mean people suck and I hope whoever hurt Little Bear gets theirs one day.

  5. Can’t even read these stories anymore. They are strong, amazing creatures. Those who fight dogs and abuse animals and do not repent will feel Gods wrath someday and they will be sorry! They will pay for all eternity.

  6. What have these poor dogs ever done to deserve this put the humans in a cage and let them beat the hell out of one another poor little mites have no choice i hope the bastards get their karma !!!

  7. And this is exactly why I have two pitbulls, I can’t save them all, though God knows, I wish I could, but are two less pitbulls in the world that will be subjected to this horror.

  8. Low life animals that do this to these poor defenseless dogs. How about throwing these “so called humans” into a pit of hungry lions and see how they like it!

    1. I’m with ya Diane, but it is doing a disservice to all non human creatures to call these suhuman piles of garbage animals. Animals do not abuse other creatures for their own amusement/pleasure, only humans do this and sometime I am ashamed of being part of the human race.

  9. if they know who the piece of shit that did this to this poor dog should be tied down spread eagle with raw bloody meat on him in a cage of lions…just my humble opinion…

  10. May you heal Little Bear and get a loving forever home that you so do deserve.May the people that did this to you rot in hell.Sending love to you Little Bear.

  11. OMG This is outrageous and the folks involved should be imprisoned for MANY MANY years!!! PEOPLE need to have consequences for abusing an animal!!! I hope the Karma train runs these bast%%ds over

  12. I hate too hear about bait dog stories, it’s so terrible that a so called human would do that! Can’t their be tougher laws or advertise it more so people will know more about that little dog they give away may face……

  13. Prayers for Little Bear…may you know happiness soon & live the rest of your days being loved. It takes a sick piece of crap to do this to an innocent animal and any one who participates.

  14. That poor, sweet Dog, I’m not sure what you call these types of people that can stand by and watch a Dog die from fighting, I only know we need to rid these types from the World. Little Bear your life will get so much better, thankyou to all that saved him. We really all have to do everything we can to expose this scum and to stop this as soon as anyone knows, sees, or suspects anything.

  15. I absolutely hate it that there are people who do this to animals and have the nerve to call themselves humans. Speedy recovery and a happier life Little Bear.

  16. People who abuse dogs like this deserve the death sentence. Might sound harsh but what type of deranged, cruel person would do this and think it is ok.

  17. Hopefully one day the penalty will be so strict that these evil beings will think twice before committing such crimes against these beautiful beings?

  18. I agree Deb, I can´t read about it but I really hope that he will have a very very nice life from now. All good to the people that is taking care of him.

  19. Poor baby!! Some people should be drowned at birth!! evil bastards!! hope he’s better soon and with a loving for ever home xx <3

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