Do You Think Your Dog Is Your Baby?

Some pet owners treat dogs so much like babies that they even dress them as such.

Many pet owners truly believe their fur babies are their first babies and we (yes, this author included) pamper the dog so much to the point we treat them and possibly dress them like babies too.

How could you not treat and dress them like babies when the pet is just irresistibly cute.

Here are 10 dogs who truly are their owners’ babies.












175 thoughts on “Do You Think Your Dog Is Your Baby?

  1. People like this are irritating. Dogs are dogs. They aren’t babies, kids, people, or anything else. Treat them like dogs and they’ll have much better lives. Sheesh. So ridiculous.

  2. no one can tell me that I can’t love my dogs the way I want. I don’t care if they think I’m weird, I think their assholes for not agreeing! I’m entitled to my opinion the same way they are!

  3. No my mini schnauzer is my heart but not my baby – the only thing she will wear is boots when it gets icy and cold in the winter and a life jacket on the water.

  4. I would never torture my dogs like this. Yes for short haired dogs in winter they have a sheep skin dog jacket but that comes off after a walk cause they have there warm beds inside the house.

  5. Keeping a dog in a baby state of mind, human or canine, is abuse. No adult dog deserves to be treated or spoken to like a baby.

  6. Rhesa Fullilove Robertson this is what Hazel needs in order to go outside and not touch the grass but then again she wouldn’t be able to potty.

  7. I love them like my babies but as each baby needs special care i understand that fur babies have their own needs to be healthy and happy

  8. I don’t dress my guys but, I rather see people dress them in winter only, than being abused or tortured any day! Some people can’t have kids or want kids, so what’s wrong with calling them your kids?!

  9. touche subject / just an opinion that people concerning their pets; its a hell of a lot better than thinking that their dog is just an animal and you can kick it and abuse it because its just a dog…

  10. Nope – much as I love her, and I admit she is a very spoiled pet, my dog is a DOG. The only clothing she has is a couple jackets for cold weather.

  11. My dog is definitely my baby, but first and foremost, she is a dog. Sure she gets cuddles and love and treats, but she doesn’t wear clothes. She does have a Halloween costume for when we take my son trick or treating (and I’m also in a costume) and she has a plaid bandana for special occasions.

  12. They are dogs but they are fun to dress up if they allow it 🙂 I think this little one looks warm for cold weather. My little dog doesn’t like the cold weather, she would probably like this 🙂

  13. I am a dog lover …repeat dog lover!! My dog is a member of my house, apart of the family as a pet. He is not a child although he may misbehave I still treat him with love as a pet owner. Unless I had a breed that required clothing because of the weather I don’t see the need to dress up dogs.

  14. My dogs are my babies and I lo e them all very much. Only one of them has clothes and it’s because she is 5 pounds and is clod in the winter however she HATES then and has learned how to get them off

  15. I see nothing wrong with it it doesn’t affect anyone’s lives so people need to mind their manners and go about with their own lives.

  16. I put a sweater on my chihuahua on cold days in the winter but that is because he has very short and thin hair. This is over the top. As cute as it might look to some the pajamas look ridiculous!

  17. My dogs are my babies! But they only get “clothes” on Halloween or if we need to go somewhere really cold. And only one of my pups needs a sweater lol

  18. My dogs are dogs, and I love them more than anything. No I will not out clothes on them, except for sweaters, in order to protect them from the cold. That’s it.

  19. I have a daughter and I have a dog. As much as I love my dog, I would never equate my dog with my child. My child is far more important than any animal. My dog is happy and cared for and very much loved, as all animals should be, but its a dog. As for dressing up dogs, I think its adorable. People who dress their dogs love them and enjoy lavishing attention on them. I would never criticize anyone because they show love for their dogs differently than I do. Save your indignation for people who abuse and neglect their dogs

  20. Yes my dogs are my babies But they are treated like dogs. My short haired dog wears coats when it’s cold. She loves them.

  21. My daughter and her family and I treat our dogs like family. They are treated like the toddlers in the family. The human kids are teenagers.

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