Dog in a Mask Freaks out Orange Cat

That is one unhappy kitty!

A dog in a zebra mask is apparently enough to put this poor cat off!

32 thoughts on “Dog in a Mask Freaks out Orange Cat

  1. Then they take the poor cat to the shelter, or worse yet, throw it out because it ‘inexplicably’ started urinating out of the litter box!?!?!

  2. Seriously people!? Relax, its not hurting the cat at all. In the wild all animals are faced with unfamiliar situations. It’s a dog with a mask. Hell, if you’ve ever had a cat you’d know they’ll react like this to anything, a dust bunny blowing in the wind, a light on the wall reflected by a chandelier, anything that is unfamiliar.

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  4. This is not funny at all… A situation deliberately set up by humans and on top of that involves a frightened animal is just pathetic

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