Dogs Love Pools

An adorable compilation of dogs having fun in pools.

With the “dog days of summer” coming to a close, we thought that it would be fun to take a look at some dogs, and how they spent their summer vacation swimming, and hamming it up in the pool.  And it’s OK if they don’t have a pool.  Apparently, they’ll make their own!



15 thoughts on “Dogs Love Pools

  1. My dog Missy will not hesitate to try to walk into the river by our house or go into the lake we sometimes go to so i bought her a good sized plastic pool, filled with water and introduced her to it. She wanted absolutely nothing to do with it. After a day or two picked her up and just let her stand in it for a minute and then she jumped out. Next day while taking our walk down by the river she kept pulling and wanting to go in it. Go figure, I’d say it was the running water but she also wants to go in the lake too. Guess pools just aren’t her thing!

  2. Our dog, Dutch, did this with his water pail every day. He loved paddling in it. Fortunately I was a stay-at-home Mom and could re-fill it when necessary for him and our other dog who never got in on that action.

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