Driver Hits Service Dog & Wants Charges Pressed Against Owner

How can it be legal to reverse onto a pavement and hit a guide dog?

Sixty-nine-year-old Mike Gurney was out shopping on August 29, 2015, in Northamptonshire, England, when a cab driver reversing down the street almost ran him and his dog Emma over. Gurney is blind and Emma is his eye-seeing dog, but on that day the cabbie almost killed Emma and injured the man. Now the cab driver wants to sue the disable man and his dog for property damages.


Gurney told the Daily Mail he felt when Emma was knocked by something and pushed onto his leg. At that time he used his cane to grab the attention of whoever or whatever hurt his dog, and that’s when he tapped the back of the vehicle with the cane. Once the driver felt the tapping the vehicle came to a stop, but if Gurney had not done this, he and his dog could have been killed.

A woman who witnessed the event said the driver was going on reverse and jumped the curve hitting the dog. Emma was taken to a vet hospital and was found with minor bruising, Gurney fortunately did not suffer any injuries.

A police report was made at the time and authorities said the driver would be prosecuted for driving without due care and attention, however, days after the accident, authorities informed the blind man that the charges against the driver were dropped. The taxi driver’s action was “a lawful maneuver” over a dropped curb.

“How can it be legal to reverse onto a pavement and hit a guide dog?” wonders Gurney, but to make matters worse, police officers also informed the blind man he could face claims for property damages since the car suffered dents from the cane.


Gurney believes it is unfair he could be penalized for something he had no control off and the cab driver should instead face charges.

“If it had been a toddler or someone not too steady on their feet it could have been a lot worse,” said Gurney. “It was possible the cabbie would continue reversing if I hadn’t stopped it. Even if it was lawful it can never be right to reverse into a person.”

The woman who witnessed the accident wrote to the taxi company to complain about the treatment Gurney and his dog have received, but the transportation business has yet to respond or comment.

Gurney says Emma’s insurance has covered for all medical bills, but that money could have been used towards training other guide dogs. The service dog seems to be a lot more wary around traffic and continues to do her job, however, Gurney fears he Emma might have to go into forced retirement due to the mental trauma she experienced.

116 thoughts on “Driver Hits Service Dog & Wants Charges Pressed Against Owner

  1. I enjoy your writing and the focus of your stories. However, you really, truly need a proofreader/editor.

    1. Great story, but I was going to say the same thing as Lynette. If you have a Master’s in Journalism, call them and get a refund. There are (as of the time I left this comment) a number of basic spelling and grammar errors.

  2. Makes no sense the cabbi jumped the curb… hey there idiot. The road is where you drive not the sidewalk. What an ass. I hope the blind man and his service dog gets justice

  3. This story makes me really pissed off! How dare that cab driver! You almost run over a BLIND MAN and hit his dog and you dare ask for damages for scratches made to you cab?!? You POS!!!!

  4. How about the cab driver being prosecuted for jumping the curb and hitting the dog. That dig is worth more than his car in so many ways.

  5. Having a really big grammar issue with “curve”.. The cab driver hit a “curb”, y’all.. Not a “curve”.. The cab driver will get his karma. What an ass.

  6. This is complete bull. If it turns out to be true and the cabbie wins, this sets a precident for other cases in the future. It’s hard enough for the handicapped/disabled to get around the world in the first place and now we have to look out for cabs jumping a curb (which shouldn’t be done anyway due to the danger to all pedestrians).
    And the dog! She doesn’t understand why it happened. And now it will be that much harder for her to focus on her person if she’s worried about more cars.

  7. How the hell is backing over a blind man and his service dog “a lawful maneuver”?? And now the reckless driver wants to sue his victim?? There wouldn’t have been any “damage” if the oaf knew how to driver properly. And, how much damage could the blind man’s cane have caused anyway??

  8. Bull get a grip on life cab driver the road is where U drive not the sidewalk what shit hole world U from … this makes absolutely no sense !

  9. One would think when backing into a dropped curb area, you really need to look to make sure ya don’t hit anything. Most dropped curbs are in areas where there are crossing zones, handicapped ramp access. Duh… that is why it is dropped curb. It may not be illegal to use those areas for backing, but that doesn’t mean ya wont be liable if ya hit something that is in that area. Some idiots think just because you are not cited or charges are dropped, that it means you are not liable. Some people are just idiots.

  10. Are you kidding?should be the other way around.what a stupid cab driver.hope he gets his ass whipped one way or another.a stupid jerk!!!!!

  11. blame a blind man and his service dog, worst yet sue the man for property damage? For something a blind man has no control of?! What the!!! You freaking kidding!?!? Incredibly beyond asshole irresponsible moron cab driver!!! Grrrrrrrr !!!!!

  12. I think they have things wrong . The guy almost killed the 2 of them,n now the dog is doing his job,but with some problems. .this cab driver should have insurence to fix his car. This it just plan ridiculous. I hope some one comes to the sence n make the cabbie responsible

  13. Er wait a minute are you sure it’s not the taxi driver that’s blind ? Name and shame this asshole so we can go beat some sense into this arrogant pos !!

  14. That taxi driver should lose his liscence wether it was a legal manouver or not their was a person and his dog on that path and he should have been aware. So if he wasn’t he was driving without care and attention and if he was aware then I’d say he hit them on purpose he’s the only one at fault. If I’d been the blind man when he stopped the taxi I’d have hit him with my stick never mind just the car. Taxi driver should think himself lucky. I thought hitting a dog in a car was illegal

  15. Hopefully the cab company and the sack-of-shit driver will be publicly shamed into bankruptcy!!!! I hope the blind gentleman and his service dog recover from both the trauma of this incident and the dreadful manner in which they’ve been treated.

  16. Case is going to get thrown out after the judge laughs at it. This is stupid and the cab driver needs to be charged for wasting everyone’s time and for reckless driving. Idiot.

  17. Is this what the LAW has become in England? It is approaching this level of ignorance in the US as well. Need to start vetting judges better, and then this kind of crap might not be anymore!!1

  18. I hate how the taxi driver has the nerve to even think he should get anything for his vehicle, what if it had been a child, different story right, what difference does it make animal or human, this dog is doing what she was trained to do… walking on the pavement not the road, what was he thinking, oh i forgot most of them don’t give a damn about anything as long as they get their fare, I don’t care if it’s their livelyhood the idiot should have to pay the vet bill and compensation to the blind man and his dog….the blind man should not pay a single penny….

  19. Thai is the most pathetic thing! The taxi driver should be charged! What kind of a legal system do they have over there! Maybe the taxi driver was trying to hit the dog on purpose!

  20. How is this ? Even if your reversing the driver has to be aware of pedestrians I say let it go to court and see what happens !!

  21. A Cab Driver should be absolutely professional when driving. He is to blame only for the described accident, and he knows for sure. He is a very bad Cab Driver and a very bad person, the way he reacts upon his own fault that he should never have done, had he been a responsible and clever driver. He should not have the license to drive a Cab anymore, and he should be told a lesson by a judge for harming innocent person and dog in the street. The fact that the Cab driver afterwards reacts by demanding money for a minor damage caused by the stick when he almost ran the blind man down speaks for itself. How can a Cab Driver even think of doing such an unfair unfriendly and aggressive thing? It beats me. I wish the Cab Driver will learn a lesson real soon. Very bad person indeed.

  22. Totally ridiculous! The man is blind! He couldn’t see this car coming! The dog obviously didn’t have time to react. The cab driver should be ashamed of himself. Oooh this infuriates me on so many levels. The nerve…..well I sincerely hope justice is served. Remember, treat others how you want to be treated….

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