German Shepherd Freaked out by Tiger Toy

Tiger toy fakes out a German shepherd more than once!

This poor dog just can’t seem to get his head around the fact that THE TIGER ISN’T REAL!  He keeps getting faked out by a toy tiger the whole time.


27 thoughts on “German Shepherd Freaked out by Tiger Toy

  1. My old shepard mix loathed the oversized statue of a highschool mascot (again, a tiger). She would go no where near it. Would just lay down and quit if you acted as if you were going to walk her by it.

  2. I gave my grand daughter one like that when she was about 2. She loves it. Can anyone imagine if the guy had had a piece of fishing line attached to that tiger’s paw and yanked it when the dog’s nose got near it. OMG

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