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“Yes, like any dog, she ran for the bike… The bite was not serious and I could’ve done worse scraping up against a nail in the shop.”

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Honey is an adorable pit bull in the process of being certified as an emotional support dog for a four-year-old boy with a sensory processing disorder.  She’s always been a very good girl, never needing a leash to run to the car for a ride, but one day someone was riding a bike past her, and the part of her dog brain that commands her to attack bike and car wheels got the better of her.  She nipped the ankle of the rider, who is fighting to have her put to sleep.  But Honey’s family is fighting tooth and nail to keep her alive, and need your help.


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This comes from her Facebook page:

For those who are wondering what is going on, here’s the story. I have hesitated to post this, obviously because I own two pit bulls and the last thing I wanted was for someone to have a hay day with my dog’s misfortune. On July 25th, Katy was going to grab some breakfast and decided to take Honey with her. Honey always goes straight to car, excited about going for a ride. Because of this, we have never leashed her when going for a ride in the car. Neither Katy nor I checked the street before opening the gate. When we opened the gate, Honey saw someone riding a bicycle that we did not see.

Yes, like any dog, she ran for the bike. Yes, she did bite the lady riding the bike. She got the lady on her ankle and as soon as I called her back to me, she came back. The bite was not serious and I could’ve done worse scraping up against a nail in the shop. Unfortunately, this lady called her husband to come pick her up and when he discovered Honey was a pit bull, the entire world ended. He did call animal services and Honey had to spend 10 days in quarantine.


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Unfortunately, this is not the end. The couple went to the city and filed a dangerous dog affidavit. Our hearing was on September 1st and despite all the evidence we had proving Honey was not dangerous, she was still deemed dangerous due to the fact that she attacked unprovoked. We are in the process of appealing this decision but this is just the beginning of a very long process.

We ask for all the prayers and support you can give. Thank you to those who have already helped and are continuing to help. Your help has been greatly appreciated and we cannot thank you enough. Those of you who know my dog know that the two years prior to us having her were more than likely filled with abuse. Since she has been with us, she has shown us nothing but love.


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Knowing the bad name and discrimination that pit bulls receive, we have always taken great care in socializing our dogs, providing a secure backyard for our dogs, and providing a safe neighborhood for those around us. This truly was an isolated incident for Honey. Honey has passed both beginner and intermediate training, in the presence of other dogs and people.  Continued prayers and support are greatly appreciated.

There is currently a fundraiser being held to help with legal expenses to give Honey the best chance of staying alive.  If you would like to donate, please click here.

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112 thoughts on “Help Save Honey

  1. I remember being bit by a Saint Bernard while riding my bike as a teenager, didn’t even think of filing a report. People really suck now a days

  2. Some people are just mean & hateful!!! I am praying for Honey & yall. There is a case here in Arkansas kind of like yours! The dog did not bite anyone but there is a rule in that city that bans them & this lady didn’t know it when she moved there. Her child depended on that dog too.

  3. While I fully support service animals, nipping or biting at anyone is bad. ESPECIALLY for a service/emotional support dog.

  4. This wouldn’t even of happened if it had of been another breed of dog just makes me so mad, just like the prejudice people who surround me!!!!!!!!

  5. No, not like any dog. Not all dogs chase bikes and cars. That comment is a wild exaggeration. Virtually no dogs bite people. There are clearly training issues that were entirely missed by these owners and now the dog is paying the price.

    I’m not for putting down a dog for one bite (allegedly not severe) but now there is an issue of a dog that needs to be muzzled when going outside and to be kept on the leash. The problem is the negligence of the owner(s).

  6. The fact that she is a service animal is important here. She is serving a function, but she should be held to a higher standard. The requirements on emotional support dogs are too lax, in my opinion. The post here does leave out important information. Calling it a “nip” leaves a lot to the imagination. Was there any injury? I think the dog likely needs retraining, and, in general, more strict requirements on emotional support dogs, which is minimal (passing a test consisting of basic commands, and any physician approval). I already see a lot of abuse of this in that I see lots of people with these dogs that probably really don’t need to have a support animal, and their minimally trained pets are being granted lots of access to the public because of their status as such. I see more problems like this arising in the future.

  7. This biker should grab some balls an turn around like the coward he is he absolutely wanted this to happen so he could be the centre of attention … Your nothing but a waste of human flesh get over the little nip! Losser

  8. Are we sure she’s an actual service dog, or just a dog that makes the boy feel better? There is a difference. A big one. A service dog would NEVER bite or snap at anyone.

  9. I was nipped on the back of my head by a neighbor’s huge Saint Bernard when I was about 7. The dog lived a long, happy life and so did I. My sister’s Great Dane nipped me on my ankle 10 years ago. I got over it. The dog lived a long, happy life..

  10. A dog made one mistake and now it needs to be muzzled & leashed every time it goes out? I hope whoever thinks this doesn’t get this type of “justice” if they ever make a mistake. If everyone is ok and the owner takes steps to correct the isses, move on. Or hold yourself as accountable for your own mistakes at the same level.

  11. Okay, so this is how things are as I see them. I don’t care how long you have known a dog and their behavior, the fact is they are still an ANIMAL, and you cannot ever presume to know how they will act in any given situation. Hell, the same is true for people you’ve known your whole life- if you think you know someone, they still have the capacity to surprise the hell out of you. Doesn’t matter how spotless this dog’s history is, it now includes a mark. The lady who was bitten and insisted on a quarantine for 10 days (standard to ensure the animal did not have rabies) did nothing wrong. I don’t care how much training this dog has had, what breed she is, what her history of running to the car is, as the owner, you did not do your part and you let your dog and your family down by not restraining her on a leash. PERIOD! I don’t care if your dog is Lassie- you best remember after she gets all her certifications (if she is not euthanized or deemed too dangerous to be an emotional support animal) that she still needs to be properly restrained at all times. I have owned several dogs and one was a pit mix, and I always make sure my animals are restrained. What if she had run in front of a car and been killed instead? Very different story then.

  12. Should of had ur dog on a leash. Lots of people are scared of Pits. Now Honey is paying the price for the owners actions. Dog should not be put down for a small scrape. That lady needs to get over it. Her hubby needs to but out. Did the lady need medical attention? I’m sure not, of course, unless she’s a drama queen. She’s being certified for an emotional support dog. Hope honey will come out of this ok. Good luck.

  13. If a dog is apt to bite it should not be loose and it should then be muzzled but I do not think the dog should be put down.
    Training for the owners is a better option
    Hoping the dogs life is spared

  14. My city has leash laws. All dogs should be on a controlled leash. I have a 70 pound dog who thinks all people and animals are his friends. He never goes out without a leash. Sure I would love to be able to let him run around my yard, but it is not fenced. Too expensive. But he has a long chain and is a house dog who walks me 5 miles a day. So instead of complaining about the victim, think of the lesson you are giving your son. Rules don’t apply? That dog is a little. Some are the greatest, but they have very different jaws. If they do grab hold, it is very difficult to open their jaws. Quit whining and own up to YOUR mistake.

    1. The jaws of a pittbull are no different than the jaws of any other dog! That’s an old untrue tale!

  15. Need to keep the dog under control. Any bite is dangerous and indicates a serious problem. I do not advocate killing the dog for one incident, but it should be the last!!!

  16. put her down?? that is just ridiculous come on have some mercyon the dog the little boy needs her too some people are heartless

  17. My beagle goes nuts with bikes . She chases the fence and runs after. She does not like the fast movement. ….. Bike and wheels Question: did she bite the person in an attack…..NO. You do not in any way put down a therapy dog. What a heartless, heartless lowlife person demanding the dog be put down.

  18. Mouth N Foot Case

    Over the decades of living , Ive seen a dog or two chase car tires. As a little girl will do, I was riding my bike one sunny day when all of a sudden a cute neighborhood dog started chasing my bikes front tire. He eventually lost interest and walked away.
    Uncertain as to why dogs find enjoyment and or have some other issue with spinning tires , but some truly are attracted to the spinning rubber. Maybe the sounds that come from rubber smacking on asphalt.
    Since many domesticated dogs have different traits personalities and behaviors is all the more reason why to keep both pets and the public safe by keeping one’s dog leashed while walking and or in a fenced yard or dog run.
    It is sincerely hoped that for the sake of this family, their darling son and mostly for the family pet dogs sake he PLEASE be given a SECOND CHANCE.
    The dogs nip was most likely caused by either #1 the bicyclist turning his direction quickly or #2 was kicking at the dog to have the dog go away. Thereby creating an “accidental” meeting of the two.
    Mouth to foot or Foot to Mouth.
    An actual vicious dog would have definitely caused more injury to the rider.
    Yes, I agree the pets owners are soley responsible. Clearly the dog was not on a leash. He was at large. Fine the owners for that if there’s an ordinance for such. They should also be 100% financially responsible for the victim’s medical costs , if any.
    Order that the owners and their pet attend Dog Obedience classes.
    This family dog is undoubtedly loving gentle loyal and playful. By all means I feel it would be inhumane and highly wrong to remove the dog and to order the DEATH PENALTY. Thats not justice.
    Please give this dog a second chance in life. I am sure the owners have learned their lesson the hard way as well. People make mistakes too. What would killing the dog prove to his young best friend , the owners four year old son ? And to other children.
    Justice does need to be served.
    It is hoped that the judge will be open minded to other resolutions before ending a life.
    Please have mercy.
    Best of luck to the family and to their beloved furry family member ~*

  19. She was just doing her job, protecting her owner. Most people can understand that. Hoping the Judge gets it too, I’m sure she/ he will! All the same … Keeping Honey up in prayer the right thing is done by keeping her with her family!!

  20. I agree this happens because the adult humans involved had a lapse in judgement, and the consequences may mean the life of this much loved dog. In all this debate, about breeds etc., in my humble opinion, its the humans who are the problem,

  21. “They” want us to be more compassionate and understanding toward humans even the ones who do heinous things to creatures. Yet when a dog or other non human creature has an issue, “they” say put it down as an answer. Too bad more humans do not take the time to truly understand the non human creatures ways of communicating and what they are trying to say.

  22. OMG another person claiming it’s a support animal. Anything goes wrong and every one starts claiming their animal is an emotional support animal. If it is, please properly train it. If it’s not, please abide by the law! Doesn’t matter what breed it is. The breed is not dangerous, it’s what is on the other side of the leash that’s dangerous!

  23. God Bless you Honey. ~*
    I’ll be praying that Saint Francis WILL help you get out of this accidental jam.
    St Francis is there for all animals 24/7.

  24. Aggressive dogs and dog attack have been on the rise for decades. It’s time to take swift and appropriate action when a dog attacks unprovoked. A persons home or community is no place for an aggressive dog.

    1. I say give us name and address of the lady that was bitten by Honey….
      I bet you her stupid husband will bail out of chasing the dog to please his dumb heartless wife because there would be so many ppl writing and coming to their door they will have to move to Alaska.Snag a picture of the wounded Princess and post it on internet as a dog killer…Problem solved!

  25. I keep my dog on leash. One day, a child silently rode his bike up behind us to within an inch or two of his wheels hitting us while we were on the sidewalk. He scared the crap out of me and my dog; and my dog did an about face and lunged at him (scared and protective of me no doubt). My dog is great and loves kids, but in this instance we were both surprised and frankly there was human error involved. The kid on the bike made an error and luckily my dog did not reach him, but he could have. My point is, dogs are not perfect, people are not perfect. If these people made a mistake and let their dog roam free why the hell is the dog considered for death, the dog didn’t take her leash off? Dogs don’t have a code of ethics like people do, but if they did they surely wouldn’t be so damn mean and spiteful and unforgiving as this woman is being. She has every right to be pissed off, but does she have the right to demand the life of this dog? She will not only snuff out the life of a dog but likely the spirit of the child. There are certainly more reasonable “punishments” such as fines, training etc. It sounds like she is in training and likely a fine has been paid and the dog has been isolated. So, pehaps the best healing would be for this woman to move on. I would file a discrimination report if this continues. You shouldn’t be allowed to put a dog down because it made one mistake, but it happens to be a pitbull. I was a dog sitter, a small, white terrier bit me one day. I didn’t ask her to be put down, I told the owner and stopped sitting for her. It seemed like the reasonable thing to do for everyone, she was a member of the woman’s family afterall.

  26. You know to be honest the dog was probably trying to protect the owners if the person was ignorant enough to ride that close knowing they were walking a dog pit bull or not they were asking for it just my opinion.

  27. My dog nipped a guy, didn’t break the skin, but had a bruise. My dog is 30 lbs. but, he was a worker at the park we were at, and his boss said he had to go to Dr. Workers Comp. I reimbursed Workers Comp, $316. My dog was on home quarantine for 10 days, even though he has all his shots. But, I took responsibility, and cooperated. Never a mention of putting him down. My only regret, well one of them, I didn’t take a picture of the guys leg, and of course, I didn’t have him on a leash! He is always on one now, unless we are in the Dog Park.

  28. This is not an issue of breed discrimination – regardless of what the owner claims. And it’s not a matter of the dog having fun “playing with a bicycle”, again as the owner claims. According to what’s presented here, an unleashed dog bit a person in an unprovoked attack. It’s as simple as that. Especially if the owner doesn’t recognize the potential danger in situations like this, the owner is as dangerous as the dog is.

  29. All bicyclists should be shot. They are self centered road hog antagonists. At least around here they are. No consideration for anyone or anything. This woman obviously does not like dogs and probably not anything else. If her and her husband got their heads out of their butts and tried to communicate with the world, maybe they would see that dogs have a natural instinct to CHASE! My dog is a standard poodle and she LOVES to chase and be chased. And yes she does play rough and my boyfriend is always having me repair his shirts. Shame on this woman for trying to destroy a family pet. She was not injured any worse than falling off her stupid bike which would be a much better thing I believe…she’d be in pain for real.

  30. i have a gentle sweetnatured border collie that would do the same thing because she is hardwired to chase, not sure if she would bite but if she did it would be from excitement rather than aggression. pitbulls, staffordshire terriers etc are very predatory sometimes, doesnt mean dog is incorrigible

  31. It is not the dog’s fault, it is the OWNER’s fault! The dog SHOULD have been leashed. Now the dog could die because of the owner’s negligence! If you are able to save your dog, REMEMBER this and keep your dog on a leash!!!

  32. It’s odd no one has mentioned that Honey might have thought she was protecting her human?

    Kill a dog over a snip? When did people get so wimpy?

  33. I’m sorry but you MUST leash your dogs. I have four bull terriers so I understand. Now look what has happened simply because you didn’t leash her.

  34. She was following her well trained instincts and protecting ……as she’s supposed to do – this doggy is defo worth fighting for ❤️?????

  35. People KILL people and are not put to death. Ridiculous! The dog should be sentenced to some training maybe to overcome chasing vehicles.

  36. Not too impressed with this story or the offhand way the dogs bite is dismissed – seems that the owner has little remorse or respect other than for their own desires – the dog was in training – but ran after a stranger and bit it – no call for kill here but plenty of serious questions to be asked…

  37. As it’s a pitbull there are regulations to follow, she should have been on a leash and she did bite unprovoked, not the best trait in a service dog.

  38. just get a fake death certificate for the dog and go for holiday for one month and come back with a “new”dog, the idiots will not recognize, It amazes me how stupid are people to want to report on sthg like that!

  39. All this happened because the dog is Pit Bull. My friend is a veterinarian and she once said ” I never been beaten by Pit Bull , all bites I get from small dogs and be surprise from Golden Retrievers and other people believe “most friendly” family dogs. This dog should stay with family and the owners have to use leash .

  40. Putting her to sleep isn’t the answer just muzzle her why in public .i don’t know about any one else but I for one am sick of putting the poor dogs down .what about the boy

  41. Always put your dogs on leash! There is big negligence on the part of the owner and now this poor dog is paying the price.

  42. I never let kids anywhere near my Minpins even though they are tiny and cute. Kids are unpredictable around dogs and seeing as kids irritate the crap out of me I’m pretty sure they’d annoy my dogs enough to bite them.
    Basically what I’m saying is if you don’t want to get bitten by a dog…don’t go near one.
    Dogs are dogs, humans are “supposed” to have the higher brain function….hows about fkn using it!

  43. To the person who got bit, are you decade, or suffering” will you be haunted for. The rest of your life, become an invalid, or die. If not don’t worry, it was only a dog nip, I am quite sure you will hurt yourself way worse in your life time ,and some times on purpose. So let it go. The dog didn’t hurt you, only to make you a more more miserable person , and now you want to hurt that dog and its. Family,sad day for them.

  44. The woman’s husband has a brain as large as his family jewels to try to put a dog down over this. If the bite was serious then perhaps some retraining in the area of non-aggression for Honey but to put her down…please….this man sounds a little loopy to me. He needs to grow a pair and. stop trying to act like a bad ass concerned citizen.

  45. Your dog should have been on a leash since you had to go onto the sidewalk. If you came out your door to your driveway to get in your car, that would be different. Your fault and your the reasons Pits have a bad name.

    1. Karen, we were actually coming down the driveway to put her in the car. This is why she was not leashed. When going for walks we would always leash her. We have since learned a hard lesson and now leash her even when just going to the car.

  46. I was bit on the lip by a the neighbor’s dog when I was about 5 or 6. It bled quite a bit, but that’s it. No scar. No report filed by my parents. No lawsuit filed. That dog lived a very long and happy life.

  47. Alot of dogs don’t like bikes and will chase them, but as a pet owner it is your responsibility to keep your dog confined behind a fence or on a leash so this doesn’t happen! Luckily the person wasn’t hurt badly but it could’ve been a different outcome! Do I think the dog should be put down? NO but I think these people need to take responsibility and see that it doesn’t happen again! I was attacked once a few years ago by a young dog while walking my little dachshund and the dog attacked me trying to get at my dog and knocked me down hurting my leg and my dog ran down the road and was almost hit by a car! Really scary stuff, and the owner never even apologized for his dogs actions! It is a scary experience for anyone regardless of how sweet you think your dog is they aren’t always that way with others!

  48. There’s a big difference between service animals and emotional support animals. The latter requiring much less training for the animal itself

    How can people help here?

  49. Really u on the bike got to close it appears, it’s ur fault not the dogs. This dog is a service dog,n u again it appears got to close, get over it. Learn not to get close to animals n people n move on.

  50. it only takes one time of negligence for this to happen, and it just did! Which proves a point for dog owners your dog is unpredictable, so don’t give us the, “my dog would never bite, etc” this could have happened with any breed, but pit bulls are strong and incredibly prey driven and can do the most damage if in a fight. Yes, this is the owners mistake, and pitbulls have suffered because of owners mistakes. But we can not allow dogs to run around biting people, so think, twice about the breed of dog you get!!! If you are an easy going laid back person who doesn’t want to be constantly training, a golden is perfect, if you get a pit bull you better be the ALPHA pack member and act like the leader all the time, if you don’t, then do the public a favor, don’t get one!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Even a well trained service dog can be startled. Think of it from the dog’s point of view. The bike and the woman riding it would seem very large to a dog, and may appear to be threatening. The dog did what came naturally to it, and defended itself. She probably thought she was defending her human, too. I hope the lady realizes this and drops the whole thing. Honey doesn’t deserve to be put to sleep for this.

  52. Dogs do not like bikes, and apparently this biker doesn’t like dogs. Don’t put this dog to sleep, it will be inhumane. I love dogs and at the age of six I was bitten by a full grown German Sheppard. My family told me that the dog bit me but that he did not meant to hurt me, and it was true. Maybe this person wants money, a scratch is so painful, that maybe when he breaks his leg on the bike, he will sue the State or the bike company. I have a Beagle and 4 rescue mix breads. Dog lovers rule.

  53. BAD DOG../. shitty owners… start with the fact it is a pit bull, instinctively bred to bite and attack… you are idiots

  54. This is absolutely the owners fault for NOT paying attention to EVERYTHING around her, since they knew the dog would bite. I know that when you love an animal it is hard to see that, for the safety of others, it is imperative that you not live in town, or the dog has to be put down.
    My daughter had a dog that hated motorcycle cops. They pulled people over frequently in front of her house, because there was a flashing school crossing sign 70 feet from her house, One day, Sadie jumped the fence AGAIN, ran to the road & knocked the cop off his motorcycle. I ran out & said “go ahead shoot her, you know you want to”. He just laughed & said it was no big deal. two days later a court appearance was scheduled after this officer claimed this dog was vicious. She went int quarantine. since all was okay, she came home. The next day she jumped the fence & did it again. We were given the choice to put her down, or THEY would do it. We failed to keep that precious baby, whose best buddy was a cat, contained. THAT’S LIFE.

  55. I’m not for putting ANY dog to sleep needlessly. But I will say, the people were in the wrong, the dog was unrestrained, they need to be fined at least. Most people have very minimally trained dogs they call an ’emotional support dog’. If you want to have a dog for a special needs person it should at least be trained against these types of behavior. True service dogs run the gamut of loud noises and startling to get their certifications. Dogs like these are mostly no more than family pets in comparison. They need to have his dog trained by a professional.

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