Home Alone Dog Chills on Home’s Roof

After one hour on a roof, an adventurous dog goes back inside. Next time the dog ventures outside, he better be attached to a leash and walking on safe ground.

We expect to find squirrels, raccoons, birds or cats hanging out on roofs, but when you see a dog chilling on a roof top you just can’t help but wonder how the pet got up there.

A dog from East Providence, R.I., hung out on his home’s roof for about an hour while his owner was not home. Thankfully, after the dog got bored of sitting on the roof, he decided to go back inside the house.


On September 14, 2015, Animal Control officers were doing their daily rounds when they spotted the black and white dog sitting on the roof at around 8 a.m.

The pet was home alone and it appears a second story window was left open. The pooch saw this as his “window of opportunity” and ventured outside, but an hour later the dog decided to go back inside.

WPRI News reports the pet owner arrived home a short time later and secured all windows after learning what his dog had been up to made.

We hope the next time the dog ventures out in nature he is attached to a leash and walking on safe ground.

29 thoughts on “Home Alone Dog Chills on Home’s Roof

  1. Leave the dog and his owner alone. What do you want to do, confiscate him so he can go into a shelter and be killed like so many are? They take dogs so they’ll be SAFE, then kill them. The dogs are better on the street, at lease there they have a chance.

  2. He’s king of the hill, seems happy and went back in by himself, so wasn’t stressed or scared, dogs aren’t stupid ffs, leave him and the owner alone.

  3. yes the dog is fine. This is not the first time I’ve seen a dog on a roof – just chillin and surveying the neighborhood. The dog obviously likes it and is not stupid enough to jump off.

  4. Lived in a two-story years ago and had three dogs. Wolfhound, mutt and schipperke. We had a doggie door on a back deck with stairs leading to a side yard. Came home one day and they were all three sitting on the garage roof waiting for me to get home. They had gone through the back deck railing onto an approximately 25 foot long narrow ledge which crossed the back of the house. Then, they were able to access the roof and walk around to the garage in front of the house. That evening we put wire around the deck railing.

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