Hyperactive Dog?  Get a Drone!

“The drone has been particular helpful to our Border Collie, Sam, who is a very active dog… we are just so happy that they are enjoying themselves.”

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Some dogs have so much energy that their humans are worn out long before they are.  This is especially true for understaffed rescue groups and shelters, which is why one decided to use his own money to buy a drone for the dogs at his shelter.

Walking 35 dogs three times a day is just too much for one person, which is what Brian Wheelhouse realized.  He runs the Whitehall Dog Rescue Charity in East Ardsley, UK, and has some dogs that are very active and don’t get enough exercise to tire them out.

The idea to use drones came after the tech-lover saw something on tv about them.


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“’It came to me that it might actually work for exercising the dogs if I tied something to it,” he explained to the Daily Mail.

“But I didn’t need anything else in the end because as soon as they saw it, they simply loved chasing it around the field.”

For the last eight months, dogs have been given the opportunity to chase the drone around in a large, fenced-in area before staying in their kennels for the night.  Wheelhouse is careful not to let the quadcopter get too close to the dogs.

“The drone has been particular helpful to our Border Collie, Sam, who is a very active dog due to the breed.”


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“Although it was designed to help us, it has actually added to the workload as it is radio controlled so you have to have someone monitoring the drone.

“We are just so happy that they are enjoying themselves and it is getting rid of some energy.”

In addition to burning energy, the quadcopter is also helping dogs socialize.  They have a common goal – a common “enemy” – and are less focused on each other.  This is particularly good for dogs who have to be muzzled around others while they learn how to play nice.

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12 thoughts on “Hyperactive Dog?  Get a Drone!

  1. That’s great for shelters, but I’m afraid some people may get too lazy. People already “walk” their dogs by driving in their car and holding onto the dogs leash. I find that I can tire my super energetic pup out by playing ball (with the chucking thing), playing soccer, and playing with some toys over the course of a day.

  2. When my buddy’s arm gets tired from throwing the ball or stick, you can usually pretend to throw the stick into the tree and one of them will try to jump for the lowest branch. Had one of my pesky sapplings torn out by 3 of them. They had fun.

  3. We have one, and my border collie mix couldn’t be less interested in it. The cats, on the other hand, have decided that it must be destroyed 🙂

  4. Thats a great idea, there are too many fat dogs in shelters and that is unhealthy and cruel. Perhaps shelters should all be equipped with slate mills, flirt poles, and a drone 🙂 Thatd be sweet. and access to a pond or pool

  5. We have 2 drones and our 6 year old weimaraner shows no interest in them. If we were to attach a tennis ball to one of them then I sure his interest would be at major level. 🙂

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