New Organization Training Death Row Dogs for Therapy Work

A rescue organization called Veterans K-9 Solutions aims to get dogs off death row, and into jobs as therapy dogs.

In the United States, many people retiring from the military are getting therapy dogs to help them get back into civilian life.  In an effort to help these soldiers find good therapy dogs, an organization called Veteran’s K-9 Solutions is rescuing death row dogs, and training them for the job.

On Saturday, 36 vets got together at the Columbia County Library in Evans, Georgia to celebrate their rescued therapy dogs graduating from training.  The dogs go through many hours of intense training, and it isn’t the just the dog that’s learning in the process.  Veteran’s K-9 Solutions believes that through the bonding that comes from training your dog, they can achieve a sense of rehabilitation.

“To give these veterans a better quality of life,” said Jerry Lydia.  Lydia is the CEO and Founder of Veterans K-9 Solutions.

By getting the dogs via rescue off of death row is saving the lives of many dogs in a very creative way.  In turn, these dogs save the lives of the brave men and women that protect our freedom and way of life every day.  Just ask veteran William Mosley, and he’ll tell you just how important this project is.

“I had been through all the treatments I could possibly go through that I was aware of at the VA and I just needed something else because it just wasn’t enough,” said Mosley.  “He saves my life everyday.”

“With this dog they can have a quality of life where they can go places, they can do things.  They can enjoy life the way it should be enjoyed,”said Lydia.

25 thoughts on “New Organization Training Death Row Dogs for Therapy Work

  1. Now they need to make them affordable for our military. My son looked into getting a trained dog … Cost is around $20,000 and the government does not cover any of it.

  2. I emailed the about a pure bred GS in a kill shelter and offered to help transport this dog for free. Beautiful dog. Still no response from them. Luckily the dog was rescued at the last minute. Not impressed with them. And I am a disabled vet.

  3. Thank you for your service Cindy McCuan. The info you posted is definetely helpful. If the org is not up to standards then it needs to be made public. I hope you find the companion pup just for you! God bless.

  4. They have been doing this in Washington State at the Purdy Treatment Center for Women (Women’s prison) for years. It is a great program.

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