Pope Francis Meets Dogs During Historic White House Visit

Not only is the progressive man “the people’s pope,” it seems he certainly is “the dogs’ pope!”

9.23.15 - Pope Meets Dogs During White House Visit1


This isn’t a political rally or a religious debate, and we’re not here to choose sides – we’re here for the dogs.  However, occasionally political and religious figures do crop up in the dog news world.  History was made on Wednesday when Pope Francis visited first dogs Sunny and Bo when he visited the White House.

While visiting with the Obamas, the Pope made sure he greeted their Portuguese water dogs – an uncharacteristic papal move.  However, we already know that this man is far more modern than his predecessors, particularly when it comes to dogs.

He once personally requested to meet a journalist’s dog and bless her.  He celebrated his 77th birthday with three homeless men and one of the men’s dogs.  And last year he comforted a little boy who had lost his dog by saying:

“One day we will see our animals again in eternity of Christ. Paradise is open to all God’s creatures.”

Not only is the progressive man “the people’s pope,” it seems he certainly is “the dogs’ pope!”

White House photographer Pete Souza managed to capture the special snap.


89 thoughts on “Pope Francis Meets Dogs During Historic White House Visit

  1. I am a fan of the pope and all animals 🙂 Such a nice , warm , humble person no matter your color or religion .A true human !

  2. Very sweet. 🙂 I am not Catholic, so I wonder if the pope is allowed to have any pets of his own. It sure would be lonely without one. <3

  3. I’m not Catholic but I had such a good feeling about this man from the time I first heard about it. His humility is what I admire most. If I ever went to the Vatican & he was making an appearance, I would wait endlessly for him to bless me.

    1. I would be honored to be compared with a dog. They are so much more honorable and ethical than we humans.

  4. Thank you Pope Francis. Do hope that with your blessing, a miracle will happen and the wrong that is currently being done to the dogs and cats in Malaysia, China, Korea, Romania, Vietnam, Indonesia and more can be stopped.

  5. Who has a leash on their dog in the house? I don’t care if I’m POTUS, my dog isn’t going to be on a leash in their own home! My dog has her own chair and look how happy she is!

  6. I’m not Catholic so I don’t know about such things but, from the way Pope Francis is touching the dog…I’d say he is blessing him.

  7. The pope is a-ok by me… I love that he took the time to address what the catholic religion says and doesn’t say about animals… His sensitivity and warmth toward animals and animal lovers is admirable… Which should earn him immense respect regardless of religious belief.

  8. Seriously??/ This is NEWS WORTHY…. like he’s never pet a dog before??? I’d rather hear about the private conversation he had with Obama!

  9. I don’t know. Those two dogs don’t look like they like him, let alone their owners. And why torture the poor pups just for a photo op? Let them go play with the ones that REALLY take care of them.

  10. some of the comments here are just horrible. look beyond the political and religious stuff and just care about the dogs. that’s what this page is about.

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