Pregnant Dog Rescued After Two Days Buried Alive

After finding a pregnant dog trapped under dirt and rubble from a collapsed apartment block in Russia, she was rescued by two good Samaritans.

9.26.15 - preggo buried!

In the Russian city of Voronezh, some workers were repairing some pavement.  They came upon a dog that had been encased in heavy stone blocks and concrete.  They decided not to rescue the helpless dog, and were willing to leave her for dead.  That’s when a pair of good Samaritans found her, and rescued her.

It’s believed that the dog crawled under some rubble in a collapsed apartment block for shelter and protection.  The rubble then collapsed in such a way as to trap the dog.  When the crew working on the apartment block found her, they decided to just leave her there to die in stead of rescuing her.

That’s when a couple of people living near the work zone heard the dog’s muffled cries for help.  A married couple with a house just a few feet away, Aleksandra and Vadim, went outside.  They located her, and tried to find help as quick as possible.  The trouble was, no one wanted to help, and they couldn’t figure out why.

“We were shocked,” said Aleksandra.  “We rushed to ask the neighbors what had happened.  They only told us that the workers had fixed the hole.”

Aleksandra thinks the dog was left to die on purpose.

“I don’t believe that they just failed to notice the dog,” she said.  “It’s not a hamster.  The workers probably just didn’t want to make an effort and retrieve the animal.  The neighbors also proved to be indifferent.  They understood the poor creature got trapped.  But who wants to waste their time, getting their hands dirty?  No one cared.”

They came to the conclusion, after being denied help from the local housing authority and pretty much anyone else they asked for help, that if they didn’t act now, no one would have, and more than one innocent life would be lost.

Vadim began dismantling the concrete and rubble covering the hole.  Then, he carefully dug out the dog and got her to safety.  That’s when they found out the dog was expecting puppies.

She was taken to a local animal clinic, and is reported to be in good condition.  If these two heroes hadn’t acted on their own, more than one life could have been lost.  Way to go you two!



Dog rescued after being buried alive for 2 daysThis pregnant dog spent 2 days being entombed alive under pavement. She lost her unborn puppies. Here’s her story

Posted by RT Play on Saturday, September 26, 2015

208 thoughts on “Pregnant Dog Rescued After Two Days Buried Alive

  1. There are some people in this world with compassion and do help. To those I say thank you. These acts are always rewarded in some way. Even if it is a big lick on the face and to see her happy (big tail wags) to be freed, that’s sometimes enough. To those who left her, karma will catch up with you, miserable bastards.

  2. Thanks 2 the ones that helped the poor dog…..shame on those jerks that left her….one day u might need help & someone will turn away from you receive any

    1. You are so right! Why in heaven’s name would anyone in there right mine just cover up a living breathing being. They have to be monster’s, thank God these other two Angels came just in time to save this beautiful baby!!

  3. Karma is a bigger bitch than I choose to be. There is a special place in Hell for the people/person who buried her in the first place & the ones who left her to die.

    There is a special place in Heaven for the ones who helped her.

  4. Some people are real assholes!!! Thank you to the couple who rescued this pooch!!! Hope her and her pups can now live a happy life!!!

  5. Fucken people!! God I wonder if they ever read these post or have them translated!!! Assholes!! People that have animals and don’t want themater should never have animals. Stupid ignorant people. I am happy he is saved!

  6. Thank you for saving this precious girl. To the people who left her there… I can’t say how I feel about you. What goes around comes around is the most civil I can be.

  7. My gawd, there’s such a blatant clash of good and evil in this world. To harm or allow harm to any poor dog or cat is beyond inhumane and soul-less.

  8. WTH is wrong with people???!!! I am so disgusted by the HEARTLESS MONSTERS out there!! If you want to hurt something or someone… Do us all a favour and do it to YOURSELF!! Leave the innocent out of your twisted and evil mindset!!!
    ****Thank you SO much to the kind and loving people who saved her!!**** ??

  9. WOW!! thank you for saving this precious girl! And what evil that someone can do this to an animal! That just makes me sick!!

  10. I hope that the saying “what goes around comes around” you miserable excuse for human beings! Thanks to the rescuers. ?

  11. ST FRANCIS please watch over this momma and litter to be. Hoping the traumatic barbaric experience didnt affect her unborn pups , ie. MOMMY possibly suffered with dehydration.
    Lately Ive been reading several stories that are coming out of Russia regarding horrendous acts of cruelty to animals – mostly to dogs.


    1. Putin did not do this terrible thing to this dog. Russia has it’s share of crappy people just like every other country including ours unfortunately.

  12. I love how immediately they got her out she started wagging her tail and showing gratitude towards those who helped her. I love dogs. 🙂

  13. I can’t understand burying a dog, then finding one and just leaving it!? No way to understand that! I don’t care what anyone says but that shows major character flaw to me, no excuse. Dogs are living creatures, if you can’t have compassion on them then you absolutely don’t have compassion for humans!!! Sad, very sad. But it’s awesome those who saved her! We need way more people like that in this world!

  14. Thank you to the angels who saved her and to the ones who did this to her and the ones who saw her and left her to die, I hope karma reciprocates and you suffer greatly !!!!

  15. this is bullshit … I can’t believe a human would be sooooo mean..but yet on the other hand don’t humans kill humans???? speechless

  16. I don’t care what country you are from LIFE IS LIFE . shame on you!! Don’t ever get your ass buried somewhere….How do you two workers sleep at night. God bless the couple who rescued her. As God would want us to be.

  17. Thank god for that couple. What a bunch of douchebags those workers are. How can anyone do that to an animal, just pave right over her? They shoud get the same treatment.

  18. Human beings–such a disappointment. This couple who saved that beautiful girl are the exception, and I am most grateful for humans like them. Wishing they were the majority. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  19. Fukn world makes me sick. For those who buried her and then found her and left her to die , I hope u rot in hell but live a very miserable life until then. Shame on UR stupid lame asses.

  20. God Bless the couple that rescued her. Many many blessings to you for what you did…..True heros! Whoever left her, Karma will get you…..somehow, someday, karma will get you!!!! Bless that pup and her babies..Hope she finds a loving, caring, kind and forever home!!!

  21. It’s a sad state when those who simply help another living thing are called heroes. I’m not downplaying their actions and applaud their deed but why isn’t this a normal, immediate response rather than a newsworthy story? Because there are far too many lowlifes that see nothing wrong with leaving a poor, innocent dog to die of starvation. As a human being I can only hang my head in shame.

  22. When you see something like this it really does make me feel ashamed to be part of the human race .
    ??? glad she and her babies were saved there are some good out there

  23. I hope EVERYONE who allowed for this to happen to die MISERABLE and PENNILESS when their final day comes, whenever that may be. But so happy there are still some awesome people who give a shit about others! Big hug to her rescuers, much respect! THANK YOU!

  24. Some people suck, and some people are unbelievably awesome. I’m happy this story had a good ending. Hopefully all will be taken care of.

  25. That poor dog how ever did that I hope. They no they will burn in hell that makes me sick if I see some hurt any animal I probly would bet that person I would

  26. WHAT!!!!???? Humans like those are the cruelest animals on this planet. Thank goodness there are humane people still around. Botchie on those cruel ones.

  27. What the hell is wrong with people!! How can you just eave her there ALIVE and then bury her. And the heartless idiots that did nothing to help this couple get her out. You all deserve to be buried alive.
    Thank you to this couple rescuing this momma and her unborn babies ?

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