Rescuers Save Dog With Wire “Collar” Around Neck

An embedded wire “collar” almost took Winnie’s life, but a group of animal lovers rescued Winnie and gave him a second chance in life.

Warning – this video contains graphic footage.

Animal Aid Unlimited saved Winnie, a street dog whose face was swollen (almost double in size) due to a wire wrapped around his neck in place of a collar. The wire was slowlly strangling the dog to death and cut into the pet’s neck getting embedded. If it wasn’t for his rescuers, Winnie could have agonized weeks if not days before dying from infection.

It took seven days for the swelling to go down, but it took 38 days for Winnie to heal completely. Watch this video and see Winnie’s amazing recovery.

90 thoughts on “Rescuers Save Dog With Wire “Collar” Around Neck

  1. We had a feral cat in the back yard who was “mousing” when they cleared a vacant lot nearby. One day when I was sitting in the backyard, he jumped up into my lap. Upon petting him I discovered a flea collar which was so tight around his neck I doubt the poor thing could barely swallow… you couldn’t even SEE the collar it was so embedded. I told him to get down and told him I’d be right back. I went inside and got siccors, he jumped back up onto my lap and let me cut it off of him. He has been my cat ever since! Felix the cat!

  2. What a great end for Winnie. Thanks to the men and women who helped rescue and take care of Winnie. I don’t get why people are so cruel. Taking a wire and twisting it so tight. Makes me sick.

  3. WTF is up with people in India wrapping wire around a dog’s neck? This is not the first dog they’ve treated with a similarly embedded “collar”.

  4. Its so sad that people can be so cruel. if they would spend more time showing love they might be surprised how much love and animal can give them back

  5. Generally people in India do not have the resources we in North America enjoy and yet they treated this distressed stray with such care and tenderness. BTW this looks like a snare for trapping animals.

  6. Some people are so dayum STUPID and cruel – they need to be in a cage !!
    Then thankfully people like the rescuers come along who help me to believe in humanity again.
    Best wishes for this dog may he or she have a happy life with loving people.

  7. Sick prick who did this knows who U are U shall not be blessed with animals God please make this happen so this evil human suffers in pain God bless his saviours ??

  8. As well as cruel people all over the world there are also the wonderful people who care enough to save these dogs, I admire these people so much, they are amazing !!!

  9. Would be too disturbing for me to watch the video. Thank you to all who rescued her! Hopefully those effing monsters are found and get what they deserve!!!

  10. How in the hell can anyone be so cruel…heartbreaking. Thank God for those that rescued this sweet baby…hope he has the most wonderful life from here on out, filled with love and kisses.

  11. I am so sick of animal abuse I am ready to attack anyone I believe is guilty. The system of “Justice” in this country seems unable to deal with it!!!

  12. I SOOOOOO HATE HUMANS, because no animals would do anything like this to each other, only humans are this disgustingly sadistic bastards!!!!!!! I AM SO MAD I COULD SCREAM!!!!!!!! Thank you for saving him, he is beautiful…….if he was close where I live, I would take him in…..

  13. These rescuers are INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!! I loved @ time of 4:11, Winnie is crossings his paws!!!! Beautiful puppy!!!!

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