A Starving Dog’s Transformation to Healthy Happy Dog

You won’t believe what this happy and active dog looked like before rescued.

When this street dog was too weak to hold his own malnourished body weight, the only thing he looked forward to was death, but thanks to Animal Aid Unlimited, the stray was nursed back to health. Now the once sick puppy has a strong will to live.

17 thoughts on “A Starving Dog’s Transformation to Healthy Happy Dog

  1. Animal rescuers are magnanimous, wholehearted and altruistic people. But animal rescuers in countries such as India are nothing less than strong beautiful souls who can find a place in their hearts to take care of the silent sufferers amidst the unbearable screams of pain and despair that surround them.

  2. You have to wonder what is going through these dogs’ minds when they are abused or abandoned. The ones like this one that survive on their own have a lot of character and survival instinct. Breaks my heart to see them like this.

  3. But there are some that are too far gone to make it…How some people can be so cruel to animals. I will never know..I know people fall on hard times n can’t feed their animals. Please ask for help or find them a loving home that can take care of them….Prayers go out to all the fur babies that are suffering….

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