Canadian Couple Adopt a Dog Rescued from Korean Dog Meat Farm

A couple from Vancouver, Canada are the first people to adopt a dog from a group rescued from a South Korean dog meat farm.

Laverne takes a bath before being sent home from the Humane Society for Southwest Washington on Saturday, Oct. 17, 2015. (Paul Suarez/for The Columbian)

Autumn and Jeff are a lucky couple.  They are the first people to adopt a dog from the Humane Society of Southwest Washington, that had been rescued from a South Korean dog meat farm.

The dog’s new name will be Seoul, which is a city in South Korea.  The little jindo has only ever known life in a kennel at the Humane Society of Southwest Washington (HSSW), where she was brought to from the farm.

The couple heard about the rescue while attending the HSSW auction.  They got to meet the dog, and realized that they were going to need to do a lot of research and consideration before deciding to adopt her.

10.18.15 - jindo1

The couple was very happy to be getting to take Seoul home.  The said that they spent the past two days getting things ready, and doing some necessities shopping.

We’ve been dog shopping the last two days,” she said.  They also picked out a Washington Huskies and Seattle Seahawks jerseys for her.

Staff at the HSSW said that right as they were leaving, Seoul did something she barely let anyone at the shelter do.  She seemed to be so happy to be on her way to a new home, that she actually let her new family members touch her.

10.18.15 - jindoFEAT

64 thoughts on “Canadian Couple Adopt a Dog Rescued from Korean Dog Meat Farm

  1. Next is people adopting pigs and cows for their home farms. Seriously. Soon I will have the means to house multiple species of animals. Even the ones that are destined for the market.

  2. This is such a fake article no Jin’dos are at a dog meat factory. Jindos are expensive dogs the only ones at dog meat factories are mutts or old dogs that no one wants. Infact its hard to even get a jindo you have to be on a waiting list and they are expensive dogs.. either that dog isnt a jindo or something is wrong all in all thank god for saving that dog

  3. Jindos are very strong willed dogs so you had better be prepared to be the calm assertive Pack Leader ala Cesar Millan.

  4. As much as I am against our ways of butchering cows, horses, etc. them doing the same thing to dogs is really no different. we value dogs as much as indians value cows. what seems like chaos to the fly is natural for the spider. as much as I want Dog Meat farms to go away like everyone else, I think we should atleast set a good example of shutting down our ways before telling other countries to shut down theirs.

  5. A very lucky dog god bless everyone that worked their backsides of to help these poor dogs and cats hope they stop this torture and bloodbath so called festivals xx

  6. God bless you for taking in this beautiful dog! Dog meat farms should be wiped out, never to be heard of again! These animals need a loving home and great life. Dogs are such precious and caring animals and should never ever be harmed in any way! Get all the dogs out and shut them down! Make them more available to us. They need our help. Dogs are always here for us in many ways, now lets help them.

  7. Sweet face ? There are lots of customs that are “culture” based – especially against women that are just wrong. People used to eat people too…um yeah – I think that’s wrong too. Sorry not sorry. Don’t bother commenting back to me. I don’t care what you think. I commend all the people that are trying to help them! Our culture is to love them ?

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