Deaf Dog that Took Bullet for Human no Longer Homeless

Kiko, the deaf dog that took a bullet for his human, but in the end wound up homeless. Toady, he has a new forever family.

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Some of our readers may remember Kiko’s story.  Kiko took a bullet intended for his human back in 2012, and miraculously had made a full recovery.  Well, as of today, Kiko’s story has a happy ending, and Kiko has a new forever family.

To ready Kiko’s story from back in September, click here.

Usually, being shot in the head in any way is a death sentence for most.  However, when someone disguised as a UPS delivery person came to Kiko’s front door with the intent of robbing his family, things almost ended up very badly.

Kiko took a bullet to the head by the intruder, and almost didn’t make it.  To make things a bit more difficult, Kiko’s human couldn’t afford to pay for the necessary medical treatment, so Kiko had to be surrendered.  So, not only did Kiko have the uphill battle of recovering from his injuries, but was homeless too.


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Well, Kiko is now fully recovered from the shooting, and something even better has happened for Kiko.  A couple of people that became aware of his p[light saw his story, and knew that he’d fit in just fine as a part of their family.  So, they contacted Jill Haynes of Mighty Mutts, the name of the rescue group’s shelter Kiko was residing at, and got the info they needed.

“We’ve all been working really hard for Kiko for the last year and a half — it is so thrilling to see him find his home,” said Haynes.

The odds of adoption for Kiko were fairly slim.  It’s hard enough to find a forever home for a senior dog, let alone a “bully breed.”  However, none of that matter to his new family.  They were just so happy to be able to show him the love and respect a dog deserves.

In the end, things worked out well for Kiko.  Even though he has had to endure a painful and lengthy medical recovery, but overcame a lot of the obstacles dogs like him suffer through due to misconceptions of breed temperament and his advanced age.


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On their Facebook page, Mighty Mutts posted he following about Kiko and his adoption:

“He went to his forever home Thursday night with a wonderful couple that is totally devoted to him. They saw the article on him in The Dodo that was shared thousands of times, and knew he was the dog for them.”

Way to go Kiko, and a big thank you to his new forever family for giving him another chance at a good life!  Also, thanks to the wonderful people over at The Dodo for the story and updates.


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81 thoughts on “Deaf Dog that Took Bullet for Human no Longer Homeless

  1. Too bad that errant bullet didnt hit the intended human and eicohet back to the shooter and get him as well. Bless all who rescued and healed and adopted.

  2. I’m so happy for Kiko. I will not judge,I do not know the whole story, maybe this is how the stars aligned, purposefully, because Kiko deserved the future he is receiving now. I’m curious of his previous life already, if his owner is being shot at…not judging…just saying….
    Happy new future Kiko

  3. Thank you so much to all who cared for him. Special thanks to the ones who will enjoy his company as their new family member. Thank you and God bless.

  4. Did the new family have to pay for the bills? If not, why not reunite the dog and the original human. If I were protected and then forced to relinquish my savior, the high point of my life would be to be reunited. Can we make this happen?

  5. this situation makes no sense to me. This poor dog was shot by an intruder at no fault to the homeowner. The dog had to be surrendered in order for medical treatment to take place. Now they are going to adopt him out to someone else? Why didn’t they just have the original owners pay an adoption fee and let them have their pet back? The new owners did not pay for the medical treatment so what am I missing?

    1. The main thing you are missing is that adopting a surrendered dog back out to the same family that surrendered him/her in the first place is not likely to be in the animal’s best interest, and especially if an animal is surrendered due to medical costs. Humane Societies are out there to help the animals in their communities, and taking on the cost and care of an animal because it’s owners cannot afford it, and then returning the animal to those same owners for a relatively low adoption fee would set a precedent that would have the shelter potentially end up being treated as a medical charity of sorts.

  6. Maybe I’m missing something here, but I’m rather sad about this story – the dog was surrendered according to what I read, simply because his humans didn’t have moneyfor his treatment, not because they didn’t want or love him. I can’t think of a good reason for not simply reuniting him after he had recovered. It seems very hard on his original family even if he gets over it without pining.

  7. I hate these stories. The family had to surrender him because they couldn’t pay for his medical bills and it took months to find him a new home. Why can’t the same effort be put into helping the family he already had and keeping him with them?

  8. By doing so, so cruel that he ended up being homeless. OK, maybe couldnt afford the medical bills but how about effort of doing fund raising (surely there are lots of wonderful people worldwide who are willing to support) or now that he nearly completed the healing process … why not adopt him back? Dog Owners should not give up their dogs no matter what since they are family members and not as just “pets”. When decided to keep a dog, commitment is there to protect them the same way dogs protects their humans (same as Kiko did). Anyway, the original Owner must have any other reasons and probably it is also a hard decision for them to give up Kiko. Thank you to the couple who has adopted him and will give him the kind of life that every dog deserves, loving him unconditionally . God bless all the people for their efforts in giving Kiko a new life.

  9. Should have never been taken from original family. If some organization can pay the bills so he xanthine be adopted, they could have paid so original family could have kept him. So sad for him, but happy.

  10. Thank God! This sweet dog deserves the best of everything! Thank you for bringing him home and making him a member of the family!

  11. So, so glad that Kiko has finally found his forever home! If he had been my dog, I think I would have hocked everything I own, JUST to get him the help he needed. After all Kiko took a bullet to save his family. Who else would have done that? That’s LOYALTY and LOVE!

  12. I wouldn’t have the money to save my dog, my fund raising campaign wouldn’t go viral (from personal experience), and yet I would have to surrender the dog that saved my life and see him adopted by another family? It’s cruel for the elder dog and his previous owner. Surely, the clinic could have made it easier on the owner. Offer more payment installments or the sort.

  13. Thank goodness. To his former family who gave him up after he almost died for them, SHAME on you!!! If you REALLY cared about this baby you would have found a way to cover his expenses. There are agencies out there to help, payment plans to be considered, You are just weak and useless. I am glad the boy has found someone who will CARE FOR and LOVE him enough to do what it takes to keep him well and happy!

  14. So because you can’t pay for treatment, you have to give up your dog and then watch as someone else claims him when he is recovered…… What kind of bullshit is that?

  15. The best dog miracle story ever! A year and a half is too long for any dog without a forever home BUT I have a feeling these people spoiled him throughout his recovery. He looks loved and happy in these pixs and that makes me happy!

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