Dog Cries Tears of Joy After She and Her Pups Are Rescued

Rescued mama cries tears of joy for being saved.

This thankful mama is so happy that she and her pups were rescued, she cries tears of joy!

This dog’s reaction after being rescued with her pups ???

Posted by OK! Magazine Australia on Tuesday, August 4, 2015

69 thoughts on “Dog Cries Tears of Joy After She and Her Pups Are Rescued

  1. Epiphora, blocked tear ducts. It’s a treatable condition, however the dog is not crying. I’m a little surprised this was shared without this information added to the post. Dogs absolutely feel deep emotions, including loss and sadness, grief and fear. Dogs don’t cry tears like humans do. They whimper and whine, make super sad guttural moans that will break your heart..but they don’t “cry tears”.

    1. Then what were those drops of water out of my dogs eyes when her friend died.
      Of course they cry just like horses cry. I have witnessed .

  2. Dogs don’t have souls! Dogs don’t show real emotions! I think some people are just cold and heartless. The love for my dogs and other animals is what keeps my faith in this world alive!

    1. While dogs may not have ‘souls” as we know it, I firmly believe all our pets do go to heaven and are waiting for us. They are a creation from God as well and to think God would not have a place for them after they pass is not possible in my mind..If you agree with me, great. If not, I really dont care what you think..

  3. If a dog has fluid coming out of its eyes (tears) it means something is wrong and a vet needs to check it out. It is a sign that medical attention is needed.

  4. Can’t have one feel good story without sad pathetic people messing it up….
    And for the record The biological egg donor and subsequent offspring had a full medical a evaluation……

  5. No doubt she’s relieved that she and her pups are safe, now…but this is not crying. Dogs cannot cry, in the human sense of the word. She’s likely affected with Epiphora, blocked tear ducts.

  6. One can be glad the dogs were saved and reunited without being selfish and refusing to recognize that this dog needs medical attention. That’s not “spoiling” anything. It’s humane. Ignoring it is cruel.

  7. I don’t know if they are blocked tear ducts or not. I truly believe dogs have emotions….whatever they were….I do think she knew they were all safe now. I prefer to feel the joy from reading this then to know the scientific reason…..feel good moments are few and far between…enjoy them without analyzing it.

  8. This makes me sick! Dogs don’t cry and whoever thinks people will fall for this is either stupid or just plain dumb.

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