EMS Worker Adopts Dog that Lost Human in Truck Accident

An EMS worker responding to an accident adopts the dog of the truck driver that lost his life.

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When a truck driver tried to avoid hitting a vehicle driven by someone that fell asleep at the wheel, the truck driver was in an accident and lost his life.  One of the EMS workers that responded has adopted the special needs dog that was with the driver of the truck that had lost his life.

The South Carolina Highway Patrol said the collision happened sometime around 6:30 AM.  It took place about a mile from the exit for Highway 243, near the town of Fair Play.

Gary A Stephens was the driver of the truck, and was 60 years old from Blacksburg.  Stephens was pronounced dead at the scene.  His 14-year-old dog, Cosmo was also in the truck, but had survived the accident.

The official reports say that a woman driving another car had fallen asleep behind the wheel.  She had woken up as the car began to spin out, and actually saw the truck driver swerve to miss her, heading straight off of the road.

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Officials were unsure of what the truck was carrying at the time, and a fuel tank on the truck had ruptured, so a hazmat team was called in, but ultimately not needed.  Stephens was carrying a load from Texas to Cleveland, North Carolina.

The female driver of the other vehicle was not injured in the accident.  She was taken to a local hospital for a medical evaluation, and was quite understandably shaken up.

Stephens’ family had wanted Cosmo put down, cremated and buried with his human.  They also knew that Cosmo was a special needs dog, requiring regular medication administration.  They knew Stephens loved Cosmo, and they were afraid that no one would want to put up with the extra effort required to take care of him.  They could not have been more wrong.

One of the first responders showing up to the scene of the accident has taken Cosmo in, and has promised to care for him as if he were another member of the family.  This way, Stephens’ memory can live on through the dog that was his best friend in life.

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59 thoughts on “EMS Worker Adopts Dog that Lost Human in Truck Accident

  1. A Guardian Angel on earth…thanks for saving this pup, Very sad the truck driver lost his life. RIP sir…prayers for your family and friends.

  2. The family said: “they were afraid that no one would want to put up with the extra effort required to take care of him” Translation: THEY didn’t want to take care of the dog.

    I’m very sorry for Gary Stephens losing his life and Cosmo who lost his dad, but very thankful for the EMS worker who stepped up and realized it wasn’t right to put Cosmo down.

  3. Wao. The truck driver had a great soul and it’s a blessing his cherished pup has found a loving home. It’s so sad when your own family members and friends don’t want to accept responsibility for these pets. Took a stranger ceca huge heart to take him. God bless the truck driver and the EMS responder. Hope the rest open up their hearts to compassion and love.

  4. Although Cosmo will never have his “human” back, great job to the EMS person who stepped up to make sure that Cosmo enjoys the rest of his life. Shame on the family who wanted to put him down! Heartless, all of them.

  5. thanks for saving the dog bless you prayers to the family for truck driver always the innocent get killed shouldn’t ever drive drunk

  6. Sad for the loss of Cosmo human but very DISAPPOINTED in Stephens family members. Thank u to the EMS responder for stepping up and having compassion for voiceless victim. God bless u

  7. I hope the lady that caused the accident is charged and put in jail! So happy the dog found a home! Not happy with the family that wanted to get rid of him!

  8. Thank you to the EMS worker for taking the dog in and taking in the extra responsibility of extra medical attention you are a true hero! God bless you!!

  9. I vote for 14 hos for all vehicles you run out of time your car shuts off for 10 hours no bathroom no food source tuff figure it out. I would have run them over no sense dying for their mistake.

  10. What a kind person to save this little dog and give him a home after what must have been a very traumatic experience for him. This man has a heart of gold and nobility of character.

  11. wow, I sure hope if I die, my family will love and care for my old and sick 14 yr old furbaby. How sad if they wanted to put her down, so she could “be with me”. I honestly know they LOVE me enough to never do such an awful thing to her.

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