Hugging Dogs Saved by Social Media Find Forever Home

“Adopting Kala and Keira has turned tears into smiles,” said the dog’s new forever human.

Remember Kala and Keira? We told you about these two dogs back in July. The dogs were at a kill shelter in Atlanta, Georgia, hours from being put to sleep, but a photo of the dogs hugging went viral on social media and their lives were spared. Now three months later, the hugging dogs have found a forever home together.

Kala and Keira with their forever humans.

Like many other dogs, Kala and Keira were two scared pups inside an over populated shelter with little hope of getting out of there alive. However, thanks a photograph and the touching message shared with the image, the dogs were pulled by Angels Among Us Pet Rescue (AAUPT).

Read our original story “Photo Goes Viral And Saves Hugging Shelter Dogs” to learn what the message said.

The dogs became a sensation and their story was picked up by People magazine. It was that article that got 11-month-old hound mix Kala and 15-month-old boxer mix Keira their forever home.

Kala and Keira when scared and alone at the shelter.
Kala and Keira when scared and alone at the shelter.

According to The Daily Mail, Wendy, a woman from Atlanta who recently lost her two elderly dogs learned about the homeless pooches after picking up the People issue. The woman realized the dogs were still available for adoption and asked her housemate and best friend Pam to adopt the dogs with her.

Wendy said that adopting Kala and Keira “turned tears into smiles.” The loss of her two pets was a difficult time, but the energy and playfulness of the two young pooches has made all the difference.

Kala and Keira are no longer wishing to be saved from the brinks of death, nor are they hoping to find a human and home of their own. The dogs are now enjoying the comforts of a loving home and the peace of mind that comes from knowing they each have a loving human of their own.

90 thoughts on “Hugging Dogs Saved by Social Media Find Forever Home

  1. That story broke my heart when I read it and saw the photo… it catapulted me into taking action and made me realize that getting involved in make a difference to save these innocent angels is what I must do.

    THANK YOU for providing them with a loving home and for turning what would have been a tragic situation into a wonderful outcome.

  2. Thank you for adopting them and keeping them together. I did that on my last adoption. A woman was moving two Hong Kong and I adopted her two Cocker Spaniels. She was so relieved they were staying together and I was happy as weeks before I had just lost my Gracie girl.

  3. I’m so very happy that the doggies were saved and get to live life.But so sad that it took a picture of them hugging to save their lives, that just does not sit well with me , I get it that there is a lack of No Kill Shelters and can’t save all animals which is so sad. Thank you for saving these adorable little fur babies ????

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