Man Sneaks Dog in Suitcase to See Dying Wife in Hospital One Last Time

“She never whimpered, barked, or whined. When I walked past the station nurses, I told them I was simply bringing items to make my wife more comfortable.”

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This touching tale comes from redditor Mellifluous_Username:


Full disclosure: This happened one year, three days, and fourteen hours ago. I was inclined to post this after I saw this post.

My wife was in the hospital after a very invasive surgery, which after a few days, looked like it did not produce ideal results. The prognosis was not good. She was able to speak, but was not eating or drinking, and relied completely on her IV and hard pain pills. In one rare instance of cogent speech, she convinced me to sneak our dog into her private room, so she could see her “one more time.”

Our dog, Bella, is about a 50 pound Australian Shepherd, and as it turns out, she fits nicely in a normal suitcase. I packed her in, with the lid unzipped, and placed her in the car until we arrived at the hospital. When we arrived, I “explained” to her that I would open the zipper in a few minutes and that she could see her Mommy.

Unbelievably, she never whimpered, barked, or whined. When I walked past the station nurses, I told them I was simply bringing items to make my wife more comfortable. No problem, they said.

When we entered the room, my wife was asleep. I unzipped the suitcase, and Bella immediately jumped on the bed, and gingerly laid across her chest, somehow avoiding the wires and IV. She positioned herself to where she could look directly into my wife’s eyes, and laid completely still, until about twenty minutes later, when my wife woke up, and started moaning in pain.

Bella immediately started licking her, and quietly moaned, as if knowing that barking would definitely blow our cover. My wife hugged her for almost an hour, smiling the whole time. We were busted by one nurse who was so touched that she promised not to tell. When my wife finally went back to sleep, I loaded Bella back in the suitcase, and she somewhat sheepishly obliged.

My wife sadly passed a few days later, and now, whenever I grab the suitcase, (any suitcase) Bella thinks we are going to see her again.


378 thoughts on “Man Sneaks Dog in Suitcase to See Dying Wife in Hospital One Last Time

    1. ya some one called “sadness” began cutting onions when I was in the middle of reading, damn it! stop cutting those onions!

  1. Dogs should not have to be snuck in to see their family in cases like this. So happy he granted her wish and now the dog will understand why mom isn’t coming home, they know, they aren’t stupid.

  2. I think people should be allowed to have their pet brought to them or to a private room to say Goodbye one more time. If I couldn’t see my two dogs for hugs and kisses and a final Goodbye before I die, I would have to be released from the hospital for a few hours so I could have the chance to do that. They are part of my family too.

  3. I love Nick Manente because he said he would walk right in the front door with my boys and roll over anyone who tried to stop him if it meant me getting to see them for the last time.

  4. Most hospitals allow and encourage people to bring their dogs. Our local St. Mary’s hospital is really great about this. My dogs are always visiting friends and relatives when they are there.

  5. Is so sweet, the hospitals need understand how important the dogs are for families they are no only pets THEY ARE FAMILY TOO! !!! God bless this family!

  6. I was paralyzed in a car accident in 1996 and while I was at Mercy Hospital they allowed my parents to bring our dog in to see me anytime.

  7. We were fortunate, my mom’s hospice allowed her dog to stay in the room with us her final week. It made a heart-wrenching time so much better.

  8. I think it should be allowed it would give everyone piece. I have 4 that will need to be brought plus a parrot! I poodle pouts when I am not home an drags a piece of my clothing out of the laundry basket to lay on an don’t you dare take it either!

  9. My husband passed away at home. Our Golden was best friends with his Dad”. and always waited by the front door when Dad wasn’t home. We brought the dog in to see that Dad had passed. He climbed up on the bed, sniffed his face a few minutes, and got down off the bed and never indicated he was waiting for Dad after that. It’;s something I suggest every one that has a special pet do.

  10. Well I’m a blubbering mess! Why do we need to sneak our family members in. I know seeing my girls would give me so much comfort. Thank you for your story ?

  11. Wow I’m in tears bless you mr. For doing the best possible.touching gift a wife could ask for hopefuly your puppy is at peace knowing mama is safe now ?????

  12. I’ve worked at a few hospitals around where I live. All had a policy of allowing pet visitors. As long as they are freshly washed, on leash and well behaved they were always welcomed, as long as they asked permission to do so. We’d do whatever it took to help our patients feel loved in hopes of healing – mental and physical.

  13. I think all hospitals should have one room to wheel their patients into to see their pets for the last time when someone is dying. I think all patients who have pets and are dying would make them feel at peace.

  14. I snuck my dad’s Shih Tzu in to see him, cleverly hidden in a Macy’s handle bag. I have no doubt every nurse on the floor was completely aware but they all chose to not notice. It sure made them both happy.

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