New Device Tells Dog’s Emotions From Tail Wags

Using DogStar Life’s new Tail Talk device, you can get a better reading on your dog’s emotions.


DogStar Life has a new device aimed at helping you tell just what emotional state your dog is in.  It does so by measuring slight differences in the way your dog wags it tail, to give you a more accurate idea of just what is going on in your dog’s mind.

The device is similar in size ans style to a popular fitness device called a FitBit.  The Fit Bit is a personal fitness tracker that connects to your computer or phone, and gives you acurate readouts of everything from how many calories you took in to how many you used through out the day.  The idea being if you knew more, you could make better health decisions for yourself during the day.

The device attaches to your dog’s tail (painlessly), and tracks data based on a university study into dog tail wagging.  The research was done at the University of Bari Aldo Moro, and Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine.

“The tail is a dog’s social interface, signaling behavioral nuances that other dogs recognize, but which humans do not always understand,” said Cornell vet Pamela Perry. Fortunately, there are ways to monitor and record dogs’ body language, and ongoing research offers a more detailed understanding of how our pets express themselves.”

The idea started at Cornell University.  They granted the funding for the research, and the dogs in the testing areas have been wearing them since.  Hopefully, after a few days of wearing the devices, and gathering data on your dogs emotional levels daily, you can find ways to maybe help if your dog is hyper and anxious with no one home, or other important information.

The device isn’t available commercially just yet, but if you really want one of the devices, you can check out the IndieGoGo page and become and investor.  There are many different ways to do so, and who knows?  This may end up being a very important device when it comes to dog behavoir and emotions for years to come.

7 thoughts on “New Device Tells Dog’s Emotions From Tail Wags

  1. What about the dogs that have no tails and or ears because they were cut or cropped ?

    Personally, I feel that dogs ears and tails should be kept natural … screw the dog shows.

  2. I too can tell what kind of mood my dogs are in.
    Dogs dont need to be treated like lab rats.
    If a person doesnt know how their dog is feeling they arent a dog person and or shouldnt own a dog.

    Like kids , some people arent meant to be a parent.

  3. I know what a tail wag from a dog is.He is happy but cautious to meet me.Then its full on thumping of the tail on my legs.God I love that!

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