Pit Bulls Save South Carolina Family from Flood

“Even though the water inside was over a foot & we lost a lot (including their beds) they gave us a chance to get up and get out. That’s the true nature of a pit.”

10.9.15 - Dogs Save Family from Flood


A family in South Carolina was fortunate enough to be the owners of three wonderful pit bulls who helped them get out of a flood before it was too late.

A woman named Prisila Huitron shared this with Pit Bulls and Itty Pitties:

I’ve never been more thankful of having these babies in our lives. We live in Columbia, SC, and Saturday night, around 3 am, they started barking, to the point we thought someone was trying to break in. When my fiancé looked through the window, our front yard was under water.

This gave us a chance to pick a few things up, and when we saw the water coming in the house, we grabbed a backpack, with whatever we could grab, (including 2 big ziplock bags with their food of course) and we got out. My father in law helped us. I got baby Hercules, he grabbed Tug, and my fiancé grabbed Bella… they are our angels.

Even though the water inside was over a foot and we lost a lot (including their beds) they gave us a chance to get up and get out. That’s the true nature of a pit.


10.9.15 - Dogs Save Family from Flood2



Her fiancé, William Neff, also commented:

Hey guys, we are safe and dry. The puppies are well fed and happy. Our house actually fared pretty well and we were able to get our vehicles out of the way before things got worse. We have power and water and the house is drying out nicely. Thanks to these awesome pups we had enough time to get the important things to higher parts of the house and get them and us out safely.

Thanks for the support and well wishes, they are greatly appreciated and we are very touched. There are a lot of people close by who aren’t as lucky as we were and we feel for them. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers and give your loved ones and your pitties an extra hug today. Sincerely, “the fiancé.”


23 thoughts on “Pit Bulls Save South Carolina Family from Flood

    1. Hurray for Pitties!!! I recently rescued a 1yr old little boy that was abused and abandoned. When I saw him at the shelter our eyes locked, and I knew I found my savior and best friend. He knew that he would never have to face the streets and people that try to hurt him ever again. I will defend my little boy with my life and he would do the same! He loves his kittie brother and sisters and will cuddle with them until they get tired of him at which time they migrate to my bed 😉 LOL

  1. Great job guys !
    So smart & caring
    Glad the family and dogs are all safe and well. Enjoy reading about all the good things Pits do. Hope your home wasnt badly damaged.

    Pit Bulls (PB’s) are one of the MOST loveable silly playful trustworthy loyal breeds. LIl peebs.
    Hoping the bad rap is beginning to fade away. Its a travesty to put such an unfair & untrue label on such a loyal gentle intelligent dog. A real disgrace

    The Sick Evil Lowlife Bastards who starve and or feed puppies and young dogs awful toxic things to cause brain damage need to go to prison for abuse and murder !
    And for illegal gambling.

    Dogs who were once loving pit bull puppies being tortured starved then forced to have ghastly bloody fights against other innocent dogs is beyond horrific.
    It must stop.
    When dogs wouldnt or dont fight – the SOB lowlifes kill the dogs. The dogs that lose fights end up dying slow painful deaths.
    Its a horrible crime that continues today fights are held in secret undisclosed places – making it more difficult for police to find.
    Since illegal gambling (betting on dogs to win) is going on – these jerks dont want to be caught – its how they earn their so called living. Even though all they do is torture and kill dogs
    Its the thugs who are bad not the dogs.

    When a child molester gets ahold of young innocent kids – forces despicable acts with the kids…do you hate and turn your back on the kids ?
    Highly Doubtful.

    Please give PB’s a chance. They are simply the bestest !

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