Social Media Wants Forever Home for Shelter Dog with Bucket Toy

Social media is going crazy for this shelter dog in need of a home. Help Slim move out of the shelter and into a forever home.

You might have seen the photo of a shelter dog with a metal bucket on your newsfeed recently. The image (below) went viral over the weekend when Reddit users voted for the touching image, garnering thousands of views and getting enough attention to try to find the lonely dog a forever home. The pet named Slim hasn’t yet found his forever home but we’re sure he will soon move out of the shelter and into a home of his own.

Photo credit: Rescue Me Ohio/Facebook
Photo credit: Rescue Me Ohio/Facebook

Slim has been waiting for a loving human since December 2014. He was found abandoned in an empty home and was taken in by an animal shelter in Ashland, Ohio. Since then he has been dreaming of finding someone to call his own, but his dreams are yet to come true.

The five-year-old pitbull mix is very energetic and loves to play. Most plush toys don’t have a surviving chance against the dog’s play bites, that’s why Slim’s unconditional friend/toy has been the metal bucket he is pictured with.

“He is anxious in the shelter and has destroyed most of the toys he’s been given,” said Rescue Me Ohio on their Facebook page. “But his favorite toy is his Bucket!!! He loves his bucket and is lost without it!! He sits like a perfect gentleman for a treat and takes them so nicely. He will need a home that will continue to work on these manners he has learned.”

Even though hundreds of people have fallen in love with Slim by just looking at his picture and everyone wants to take him home, the Ohio shelter listed the pet as “Rescue Only.”

“Due to Slim’s past history of neglect, the shelter feels that it would be best to list him as RESCUE ONLY,” posted the organization on Facebook. “He will need time to properly decompress and learn how to be a normal dog again. While the public support has been amazing and overwhelming — Slim will not be sent to any private adopters. Please understand that this is for his own protection.”

If you have any connections with a reputable rescue organization, we encourage you to contact them and ask them to please rescue Slim. The formerly abandoned dog deserves a chance to know love.

Rescues should contact Michelle at [email protected].

89 thoughts on “Social Media Wants Forever Home for Shelter Dog with Bucket Toy

  1. Do not agree with this whatsoever, there is so may reasons he is finding joy in a bucket toy. The rescue only bs only makes it harder for this poor guy. He is obviously stressed and needs love.

  2. Looks so sad.break my heart to see this pup like that.hope some loving kind hearted parson will be waiting for him and save him .

  3. I’ve been told, by people who have experience with service dogs, that a willingness to hold metal like that is something that’s looked for in service dogs, particularly those who assist people with limited mobility, who need a dog who will carry and retrieve things for them. An SD training program might want to take a look at Slim . . .

  4. This is ridiculous that he can only go to a rescue group! No wonder that’s why he’s still there for 12 months playing anxiously with a metal bucket! He needs warmth in a loving home, not another rescue environment. Let someone adopt h him and give him warmth.

  5. Poor sweetheart!! How lucky whoever has the fortune to add him to their family. He will make such a good and loyal family member. Please, someone out there, adopt him. I have seven of my own. Doggies give so much more in return in comparison with what we give them.

  6. One minute you say he deserves a home & to know love. ??? But you won’t let him go directly to a loving home?? My god, he’s been there a friggin’ year- you’d be anxious , too, if you were in a cement cell with only a towel for a bed, for a year! He will blossom in loving arms. Let him go. Why hasn’t he gone to a foster ?

  7. St Francis please watch over this handsome patient loyal dog. Knowing the right person is searching for him to love and be best friends with.
    Its been a long lonely wait , he’s passed the tests .
    Please guide his Forever Family to him.
    He is a gorgeous dog …maybe as a pup he didn’t have dog toys so he created his own.

  8. Thks. Why can’t you let a private person take him? I agree rescue groups work hard, but limiting him to only a rescue group is my concern. He’s been there way too long.

  9. Seriously this is stupid!!! he would have a home by now if he wasn’t rescue only! This is sooo ridiculous! Most rescues are full anyway!

  10. I sleep with tupperware bowls. After they are empty (mom leaves several around because theres two cats on top of me) I take them and sleep on them to make them warm mom says its silly.

  11. If you have seen the viral video of Slim, the dog with the bucket as his only toy, we have an update for you. We are happy to announce, on behalf of our President Gina Lallo, that Forget Me Not Animal Rescue has taken Slim into our rescue.

    Slim was rescued last December after being found starving and scared inside an abandoned house. Since then, the 4-year-old pit bull mix has been held in a kennel at the Ashland County Dog Shelter in Ohio, eagerly awaiting someone to come by and adopt him.

    We are looking forward to helping Slim learn how to live a wonderful life where he doesn’t have to worry anymore. If you’d like to contribute to Slim’s rehabilitation and training needs, all donations are greatly appreciated. Our paypal email address is: [email protected]. We are a 501c3 rescue and all donations are tax deductible.

  12. Come on ppl please someone open your heart and save this dog from the system he deserves a loving nurturing forever home. My house is full or i would adopt him. Please help him

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