Swiss Artist Creates Posh Photos of Dressed Dogs

Sebastian Magnani is the artist behind these amazing photos of some well dressed dogs.

10.29.15 - SwissFEAT

Sebastian Magnani, Swiss artist and photographer has put out a stunning series of photos of some dogs looking VERY posh.  The title of the piece is “Underdogs,” and some special camera trickery was used to create the shots.

10.29.15 - Swiss10

First, a photo of a human being is taken, wearing some very nice looking outfits.  Then, the dog is brought in and situated in front of the camera the same way, and a photo of the dog is taken.

cloth cap

Then, using both the shots of the dogs and humans, more or less spliced together is enough to make anyone catching a glance of the work do a double take!  Some of these are so convincing, it really is hard to tell what is going on.

10.29.15 - Swiss7

Even the hair looks as if the dog actually is coiffed that way.  The photos are so seamless and so realistic.  What an amazing idea!

10.29.15 - Swiss3



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