Adorable Little Dog Born Without Front Legs Shows you Her Trick

She may have been born without front legs, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t a few tricks up her sleeve.

Life is tough when you don’t have front legs. But this little girl is showing the world that not only can she get by, but she can also do a pretty cute trick!



Perfecting his trick!Such a smart pup 🙂

Posted by Love For Mia – Cleft Palate Chihuahua on Sunday, November 15, 2015

53 thoughts on “Adorable Little Dog Born Without Front Legs Shows you Her Trick

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  2. Can they arrange like donors to buy front wheels so rhis little poor dog enjoy running/walking around as a normal dog, though she seems a very smart dog. My heart is aching seeing her just sitting like that since she is quite an easy learner.

    1. They will. He’s doing just fine getting around now though and it’s important to get his muscles developed.

  3. if i had no front legs/arms I doubt i’d have the courage and attitude of this little beauty… thank you owners… thank you

  4. He is adorable! It’s really sad that he is missing both front legs but he doesn’t know any different. Its awesome that he is being worked with so he can learn to get around on his own.

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