Astonishing Recovery of Emaciated Dog Turned to “Stone”

Though at first she didn’t want to be touched, Alice quickly learned that people were there to help, and were making her feel better.



The poor dog sought refuge in the back of an abandoned auto rickshaw, hoping for relief from her extreme discomfort, or perhaps longing for death.  She had such a severe case of mange that her skin was turning into crusty stones.  Thankfully, she was rescued in time, and how she looks now is unbelievable.


11.25.15 - Astonishing Recovery of Dog Turned to “Stone”1


She was absolutely covered in flies, but with the amount of pain she was in, could hardly be bothered by them.  She appeared so frail that she would certainly need to be lifted up and carried into the Animal Aid Unlimited rescue van, but she was so scared and miserable that she resisted help.


11.25.15 - Astonishing Recovery of Dog Turned to “Stone”2


Alice, as she was called, desperately needed treatment for her mangy skin.  The parasites had ravaged her body for so long that her skin developed a very hard, stone-like crust.  She was bathed and gently massaged with medicated lotion.

Though at first she didn’t want to be touched, Alice quickly learned that people were there to help, and were making her feel better.  After only a few days, her scabby skin started healing nicely.


11.25.15 - Astonishing Recovery of Dog Turned to “Stone”3


Six weeks later, and Alice became almost a completely different dog.  She learned that trusting humans meant receiving the love and care that made her feel safe, comfortable, and happy.

To help Animal Aid Unlimited continue to save dogs like Alice, please click here.  They simply can’t do it without your help.

11.25.15 - Astonishing Recovery of Dog Turned to “Stone”4

110 thoughts on “Astonishing Recovery of Emaciated Dog Turned to “Stone”

  1. I nearly passed this story by, I could see it was going to break my heart, instead I turned it on and watched as sweet Alice was cared for by a lovely person. Poor poor dog somehow found inside a rundown vehicle, she was taken into what I assume is a Veterinary hospital where she received much care to rid her of the most sever case of mange I have personally ever seen. In the end Alice does look so much improved mange gone and much happier. I do not see any information about how the dog got this was, who was responsible and allowed this to happen, nor did I see any info about where Alice is today!!? Alice I pray you are well and living in a happy home where humans love you to pieces and take good care of you!!

    1. That is a rescue group. They have quite a few videos and usually the person treating the animals (same person as here) looks more like a teen than anyone old enough to be a vet. They just seem to be good people who know what they are doing. That is India not the US, lots of strays.

  2. Who could possibly let this doggie endure such pain & misery it is beyond me, I wish the doggie very many happy days ahead, thank you to the person who rescued this lovely little thing ??

  3. Thank god there are people like this out their to help these poor animals!!! Heartbreaking seeing an animal that has been abandoned to suffer like this.

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  5. What a tremendously horrible case of mange. I’ve never seen one so bad. Thank you for rescuing her and healing her. She now has life ahead of her.

  6. This puts things in perspective… Fortunately where I live I don’t see this coming through the doors of my hospital where I work… The point is, it’s never too late to reach out and attempt to breath new life into a sick and dying Animal. Hopefully they can recover. They Deserve the dignity of being given the opportunity. ☀️

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