HELP! Pennsylvania Police Need Help Locating this Dog’s Abuser

A Pennsylvania woman is wanted for questioning in connection to a dog dropped off in terrible condition.

11.15.15 - shelterFEAT

Whitehall Township, Pennsylvania police are looking for a woman they report as having dropped of a dog to a local shelter in the middle of the night.  The dog, called Annie, is suffering from numerous illnesses, malnutrition and is in about the worst condition imaginable.

The dog was left outside Peacable Kingdom Animal Shelter this past Thursday morning.  According to Suzy Sora, one of the managers at the shelter, Annie was slightly over six pounds, was coated in fleas and had many open wounds on her.

The police are asking for assistance in finding the woman that appears in this surveillance photo they’ve released:

11.15.15 - shelter2

They believe that this is the woman that dropped Annie off to the shelter.  If you have any information on her identity, you are asked to call the Peacable Kingdom Tip Line at 610-709-6454, or the Dog Law Enforcement Officer at 484-223-9107.

If you’d like to follow Annie’ recovery, Peacable Kingdom has set up a special Facebook page for her.  To see it, you can click here.

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453 thoughts on “HELP! Pennsylvania Police Need Help Locating this Dog’s Abuser

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  1. Just when you think that you have see it all, something like this happens. I hope they prosecute and imprison the owner, I bet she is FAT. lock her up with animal lovers.

  2. Just sickening! Click on the story and look at the woman in the photo… obviously not suffering from malnutrition. She could have shared some of her food with this poor dog. She is a hateful horrible excuse for a human being.

  3. Why would someone wait this long to drop off their pet? Why not do it sooner so that the poor animal doesn’t have to suffer like this one obviously has? You are a monster and should never own another animal ever!

  4. This is so horrific that I can`t even watch it… praying whoever did this is treated the same way and put behind bars forever!!!

  5. A very sad sight and I wish the dog well. I hope he is able is able to recover from such neglect. The woman needs to be found and held accountable. She is disgusting.

  6. Couldn’t they get a better picture of her? Why have security cameras when they are so crappy! Someone has to know who she is. Poor baby! Prayers you get better soon!!

  7. The only redemption for the person in the video would be if she was secretly rescuing the dog from someone else while they were sleeping. That said, by now she should have come forward…She will be found one way or another, and I hope someone answers for what this sweet pup had to go through.

  8. Omg why do people do this! My 2 dogs and cat come first before me including eating and I’m homeless with below poverty income on SSI ?

  9. OMG makes me sick. I want to cry just looking at this picture. My dog is my child and the greatest gift of my life. People are so so evil that do this. I pray they catch her and prosecute her to the fullest extent.

  10. This just ruins my day, I hate seeking things like this first thing in the morning, I thought this site was about cute things dogs do, I am gonna have to unfold own u, I work in a vet hospital n seen these kind of things everyday n I come on fb to see good things not to get upset all over again!!!

  11. Makes me sick!! How does anyone do this and why? I pray that you can save the dog and find it a good home. There is definately someone out there who will love and nurture this little dog!!

  12. Praying for this poor baby….God, please help and guide those caring for this little soul.
    So angering but one day the person responsible for this will have to answer for their actions. Absolutely horrific. ?

  13. Omg!!!!!! Thats just heart wrenching … these poor animals just get in the wrong hands of there so called inhumane owners who the fuk does that????? Fat cow hope she rots in hell

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